Zhengzhou Zijingshan Department Store Co., Ltd., Dashang Group

Zhengzhou Zijingshan Department Store, Dashang Group (hereinafter referred to as Zijingshan Department Store) was formerly named Zhengzhou Zijingshan Department Store. Opening to the public on April 1, 1983, it is the first large modern department store involved in retail business in Henan and has been hailed as “Meritorious Shop” of Zhengzhou. Zijingshan Department Store sells over 60,000 kinds of goods which can be divided into a dozen categories including gifts & general merchandise, watches, cosmetics, gold jewellery, craft jewelry, young ladies’ fashion apparel, luxury clothes for ladies, menswear, suitcases & leatherware, sportswear, photographic apparatus, shoes, household articles, children products, knitwear, etc. From 6th floor to 19th floor are high-end office rooms. Besides, there is a convenience store, McDonald’s, Houcaller, Cstraits Café, Jinpai Rice Noodles and other restaurants and leisure facilities in the east and west wing buildings of Zijingshan Department Store. So far, Zijingshan Department Store has been a large-scale and high-end department store combining shopping, catering, recreation and leisure.

Name: Zhengzhou Zijingshan Department Store Co., Ltd., Dashang Group
       Business Hours: Non-holiday: 9:00 -- 21:00; Holidays: 9:00 -- 21:30
       Category: Large shopping mall
       Website: www.zjsbh.com.cn
       Address: No. 1, Zijingshan Road, Zhengzhou, Henan


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