Main Store of Dashang New-Mart (Zhengzhou)

Business Hours: 10:00—21:40

Business Type: Superstore


Address: At the intersection of Huayuan Road and Nongye Road, Zhengzhou China

Brief Introduction
       Main Store of Dashang New-Mart (Zhengzhou), as the leading department store of Zhengzhou National Trade Center, covers a planned area of 67, 800 square meters. It has eight floors in total: the first floor covers an area of 9,454 square meters, and each floor between F2 and F8 is 8,335 square meters. Our company will settle in the center on behalf of New-Mart shopping mall, to develop a one-stop, modern, recreational and comprehensive urban shopping mall integrating shopping with amusement and relaxation. The commodities are mainly oriented towards top and middle grade, featuring internationally famous brands, fashion and good taste. Various stores can be seen on F1-F6. F1 (for branded cosmetics): with a floor area of 9,454 square meters, F1 mainly sells internationally branded products, cosmetics, jewelries, branded watches and ladies’ footwear; F2 (for maidens): engages in products like accessories for maidens and young women; F3 (wealthy ladies and debutantes): mainly sells costumes, handbags and other accessories; F4 (for gentlemen): mainly involves business, formal wears, Golf, leather shoes, leather products and urban casual wears; F5: for sports and leisure; F6: for home furnishing and children; F7: (for catering and entertainment): involves projects like Dashang electrical appliances, catering and video game; F8 (for catering and entertainment): member center, Tera Wellness Club, Ownar Cineplex, Beauty Farm etc.

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