Henan Zhengdao Zhonghuan Department Store



Henan Zhengdao Zhonghuan Department Store, located at No.59, Huayuan Road in Administrative District of Zhengzhou, covers an area of 54,000 square meters. There is an ultra-large fashionable and recreational square with an area of 8,000 square meters in front of the department store. Fashionable stores integrating shopping with relaxation and catering can be found from floor one to five. Floor one mainly sells cosmetics, jewelries, branded products, lady’s footwear and tonics; Floor two engages in accessories for maidens and young women as well as men’s casual wears; lady’s wear, underwear, pajamas, women’s accessories, woolen sweaters are sold on floor three; men’s wear, footwear, bags and accessories are sold on fourth floor; sportswear, neutral casual wear, children's garments, toys, beddings, and home furnishings are sold on floor five. There are also KFC, Liu Shikun Piano Art Center, Orient Fitness Center, Jiabu Hot Pot, Silver Hair Salon, Beauty’s Declaration and Qilixiang Delicacy Plaza spreading on loor one to five. Huayuan Store (one of the three branches of Zhengdao Zhonghuan Supermarket) and Suning Appliance Store are located on the first floor underground, where food, daily necessities, stationery commodities, and household appliances are dominant.

Business Type: Superstore 

Address: No.59, Huayuan Road, Zhengzhou City

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