The Zhengshang Porcelain Artwork



In the spirit of honoring and glorifying China, adhering to the philosophy of environmental protection and by merging art with technology, Professor Yan Fuli, the director of Zhengshang Porcelain Engineering Research Center of Zhengzhou University, invented the innovative “Zhengshang Porcelain” – which is a new kind of environmentally-friendly porcelain integrating technology, culture and art – based on inheriting the essence of Green Porcelain of Shang Dynasty 3,500 years ago excavated in Zhengzhou and named after the first words of “Zhengzhou” “Shang Dynasty” and “Porcelain of the quintessence of Chinese culture”. This porcelain artwork is calcined at a temperature of about 1,320°C, beautifully shaped with a charming glaze color and an elaborate texture. It makes innovative achievements on seamless firing, high-temperature and three-dimensional glazing, micro imagery reappearance and designing and creating a green, light-weight and environmentally-friendly kiln, which is the “great innovation in the history of porcelain firing”. Wang Jiyan, the head of Phoenix Chinese Channel, highly praised Professor Yan Fuli that “he created a world-class artwork in a small kiln”. Zhengshang Porcelain features a rich national culture and distinctive and up-to-date characteristics. After winning numerous international and national gold awards, it was selected by the CPC and state leaders as national present, became world-famous and even was collected by many museums in China and abroad.  Zhengshang Porcelain is now known as one of the favorite collections, a splendid and famous cultural brand of Zhengzhou City, Henan Province.

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