Huancui Valley Scenic Area, Xingyang City

Huancui Valley Scenic Area, located 40km away from the southwest of Xingyang City, is a State-level AAA Scenic Area, Provincial-level Scenic Area, Provincial-level Forest Park, and one of the Top Five Scenic Areas of Zhengzhou. The scenic area, with cultural landscapes as highlights, ancient castles as features and cultural resources as foundations, integrates the multiple functions of sight-seeing, recreation, science popularization education, and ecological environmental protection. As an extension of Songshan Mountain, the scenic area is nestled in the central part of Fuxi Mountain. According to the records in the Annals of Sishui County written in the 18th year during the reign of Emperor Qianlong, it was depicted as followings: “It is a place enveloped by green mountains where pines and cypresses are thriving; the surrounding mountains are like twinkling stars, making it much more outstanding; deep green forests covers arrays of mountains, endowing them with a sense of tranquility.” It boasts picturesque scenery throughout four seasons: In spring, apricots are all in full bloom, whose fragrance can be noticed even miles away; in summer, dense forests conceal the sun while waterfalls and springs are running between rocks and trees; in autumn, tree leaves turns red as if the entire forest was painted with red color; in winter, pines and cypresses are glazed with ice but still in green. Currently, the number of natural landscapes adds up to over 130, which are known for the grotesque rocks, fancy caves, secluded scenery and beautiful forests. The scenic area consists of six sightseeing regions, including Wolong Terrace, Xinghua Village, Gujiang Forest in Jiguan Mountain, Luohe Ravine, Longxi Palace and Chennangou Natural Ecological Sightseeing Garden. The scenic area, boasting various natural landscapes and profound historical and cultural connotations, not only has ancient castles in the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, and Pangu Cave, the site of the early human activities, but also is the hometown of Luozu, the first wife of Emperor Huang. The Huancui Valley Scenic Area, covering an area of 24.25 square kilometers, is home to rare birds and beasts, exotic flowers and plants, and numerous historical relics, and is known as the backyard garden of Zhengzhou City.


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