Xiliu Lake Urban Ecological Park

    Xiliu Lake Administrative Office was founded in 1972. Xiliu Lake Scenic Spot is located at the west of Zhengzhou, stretching from Huagong Road in the north to Apricot Bay in the south. The Lake covers an area of 1,251,000 km2, including a water area of 405,000 km2. It is also one of the largest drinking water source bases for the project of “Yellow River-to-Zhengzhou Water Diversion”. Two pavilions, respectively named “Cangye Pavilion” and “Kuaizai Pavilion”, were built on Xiliu Lake in 1979. “Chaoru Bridge” and “Shangqian Bridge” were respectively built in 1991 and 1993. In 1994, the North Gate of Xiliu Lake and “Liren Bridge” under dam building were completed. In 1996, “Kantiao Garden” was built, making Xiliu Lake integrated in all directions. In 2008, Zhongzhou Xiliu Lake Bonsai Garden was completed at South Fishery.

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