Zhengzhou Elegant Indoor Golf Club

Zhengzhou Elegant Indoor Golf Club, the first indoor golf club in Zhengzhou, makes up for the deficiencies of traditional indoor golf range and is also a cultural space of new-concept golf meeting the demands of the public. First-class JOYGOLF system, elegant interior design and comfortable leisure facilities offer customers extraordinary service and experience different from those of other golf ranges. There is a brand-new dialogistic space and a graceful negotiation room. Customers have not worry about the bad weather. With real sense of outdoor environment, customers can practice golf whatever they want without the impact of weather and the limitation of seasons. Ideal golf environment and humanized match options all can be founded in Elegant Indoor Golf Club. The triple-surrounded 360° far-infrared JOYGOLF sensing system can provide accurate data analysis about velocity, vertical and horizontal launching angles, sidespin, backspin and trajectory centering and lifelike landscape, leading you to almost a hundred of world-famous golf courses to enjoy the joy of golf. Besides omnibearing refreshing sensual pleasures, first-class Korean coach will provide guidance during the whole process so as to make you experience real graceful golf.  

  Business hours: 09:00-00:00  

  Type of club: Golf Course

  Tel.: 0371-65815555

  Address: Floor 2, Unit 1, No.27, Shangwu Inner Ring Road, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou

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