Yellow River Landscape Ecological World

Address: East Yellow River Beach, Huiji District, Zhengzhou

Rank of the Scenic Area: 4A

Type of the Scenic Area: Tourist Resort

Ticket Price: The present full price of a ticket is RMB 30, while the preferential price is RMB 20 (the aged over 60 years old, children above 1.2 meters, soldiers and students with valid certificates); tourists with a valid Tour Guide ID Card or Military Disability Certificate, children below 1.2 meters and the aged over 70 years old are exempt.

Opening Hours: 08:00-18:00

Release Time: 2018/1/23 16:19:17

Introduction to the Scenic Area

The Yellow River Landscape Ecological World, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Lian’s Enterprise of Taiwan Fujing Group in Mainland China, was founded in September 2003, with a registered capital of USD 1.5 million. It is a modern agricultural ecological park with a budget of RMB 180 million. The park has been open to the public since May 2004. Located in the North Yellow River Beach, Babao Village, Huayuankou Town, Huiji District, Zhengzhou, it faces the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway on the east, and adjoins the Yellow River Highway Bridge of National Highway 107 on the west, meandering along the Yellow River for eight kilometers, with a total area of over 10,000 mu. There are 156 employees, 36 of whom are various types of professional technical and administrative staff. Through continuous exploration and construction, the company, based on ecological environment protection, aims at harnessing the wind and sand of the Yellow River, on the theme of developing ecological agriculture, to vigorously focus on the development of urban tourism agriculture by implementing the agricultural industrialization project. Scenic spots, including Nine-Dragon Wall, Body-building Island, Riyue Lake, Fujing Equestrian Club, Wetland Reserve, Haunghe Lansheng, Fujing Hill, Yellow River Observation Platform, and Taipei Restaurant, have been built, becoming a model of harmony and unity of man and nature, ecological equilibrium, sustainable utilization of resources, and sustainable development of social economy. It is a comprehensive modern agricultural sightseeing demonstration park combined with crop cultivation, processing and marketing of agricultural products, leisure vacations, scientific research and experiment, education and popularization of science, and film and television shooting. With an area of more than 1,500 mu, the sightseeing orchard and characteristic crop growing area have successively introduced over a dozen characteristic fruit varieties, including Fuji apples, golden pears, and summer black seedless grapes, as well as characteristic breeding varieties, such as black peanuts, black sweet potatoes, and scatter-feed chickens. The wasteland of the Yellow River has become a fertile ground with fruit fragrance and characteristic agriculture cultivation. Tourists can enjoy picking seasonal fruits for millions of kilograms here every year. During the harvest season, it will be an ideal garden for tourists to experience farming and enjoy the harvest. It has been a hot scenic spot and highlight of the suburban tour and ecological tour in Zhengzhou. The company’s quality management systems and environmental management system have got certified to ISO9001 and ISO14001, and 13 types of agricultural products have obtained the national certification of organic products. It owns numerous titles, including Zhengzhou Science and Technology Leading Enterprise, Zhengzhou Cultural Industry Demonstration Base, Leading Enterprise of Agricultural Industrialization in Henan, Henan Demonstration Base for Education and Popularization of Science, National Agricultural Tourism Demonstration Site, National 4A-level Scenic Area, and National Five-Star Leisure Farm.

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Seasonal Characteristics: (1) “Fujing Grape Picking Festival” of the Yellow River: Since 2009, by holding the “Fujing Grape Festival”, the scenic area has achieved an average increase in ticket revenue by 35%, number of visitors by 40%, and income of various entertainment, catering and accommodation by about 30%. During the period, the average daily number of reception reaches over 1,500 people, with a total number of 100,000, obtaining good social and economic benefits. Well-known grape experts and scholars from Taiwan will be invited at every session to conduct exchanges and learning, which has promoted the company’s reputation in Taiwan and even the world. During this festival, a series of activities will be held, including grape picking competitions, grape eating competitions, bonfire parties, equestrian performances, and folk art performances, to create the brand of the “Yellow River Culture-Grape Festival”. The company attempts to achieve the goal of “grape as a medium and culture as a platform to develop economy” by holding the festival, so as to constantly raise the influence in the tourist areas along the Yellow River, and meanwhile build the park into a good place for overseas tourists and Taiwan guests to visit the mainland. Holding the Henan-Taiwan agricultural exchange meeting every year, the scenic area aims at promoting the exchange and cooperation of agricultural economy and technology between Henan and Taiwan, and speeding up the healthy and rapid development of agriculture in Henan. As a Taiwan-funded enterprise, the company will invite experts and scholars from Taiwan to conduct exchanges with mainland enterprises, making every effort to enhance the agricultural exchanges and cooperation between Henan and Taiwan, and meanwhile promoting its brand in Taiwan. (2) Visit the Yellow River and the wetlands and wildlife reserve. Originating in the Bayan Har Mountains in Qinghai province, the Yellow River, with a length of 5,464 kilometers, is the second longest river in China and the fifth longest one in the world. Tourists can appreciate the Yellow River, known as the “Mother River of China”. Looking northward on the top, they will see the boundless water of the river, mighty and spectacular. Meanwhile, visiting the wetlands and wildlife reserve is also a good choice. This reserve plays an important “lung-like” role in the environment and ecology in Zhengzhou. It is a habitat for a variety of species, as well as a place for wild birds to perch and procreate. With diversified ecological environments, plentiful species, and complicated flora and fauna, the park is an intersection and a key place for the gathering of animals and plants in the North and South. The Yellow River Landscape Ecological World focuses on the development of the wetlands and wildlife reserve. Huanghe Lansheng Wetland Nature Reserve provides a habitat for birds, increasing their reproduction and growth. For tourists, they can take a boat on the lake, carry out intimate contact with birds, and experience the greatness of nature, so as to raise their awareness of protecting nature, animals and plants. In summer, tourists can appreciate 1,000-mu alfalfa prairie, original wetland landscape, 1,000-mu wild osier bed, and reed beds. (3) Visit the film base, and experience the time-travel journey. In the east of the scenic area, the company, based on the natural geographic factors, digs lakes and piles the mountain. Scenery, such as “horizontal wave under the bridge”, “red peach blossoms and green willows”, “playing the lute in an enjoyable environment” and “breezes blowing over the lotus” has been formed. Faintly discernible, the scenery is situated in the forest grass surrounded by the woods and streams. With ancient waterwheels, melodious sound of the flute, the murmur of the river, and perched birds, this place is an outdoor fairyland for urbanites, where they can find a pure land away from the noise to cultivate their body and soul, edify their sentiment, and enjoy their mind and body. The Riyue Lake, with the open water of 600 mu, provides an elegant and quiet place for tourists to enjoy leisure fishing and the natural scenery with birds singing. In the park, the Taiwan-style characteristic foods are also available, such as Taiwanese Dried Radish Egg, and Taiwanese Three-Cup Chicken. The self-service barbecue, with original flavor, represents a feeling of brutalism. The barbecue and spiraled smoke, as well as fields and gardens, blue water, green grasses and hills, all make tourists feel the pleasant and contented rustic charm. They can also experience a bountiful harvest by seeing chicken wings, sausages, and fillets gradually becoming delicious dishes. (4) Visit the film base, and experience the time-travel journey. The park focuses on screen culture, establishing Han Culture Street (Han Street Movie and TV City) and Chu Han Ancient City Gate. Based on various classical shooting scenes similar to the wild willow forests, it aims at becoming a distinctive film base with the characteristics of Fujing for screen culture in Central Plains. Fujing Han Street provides hundreds of props and costumes for tourists to take photos, make micro films, and experience the time-travel journey to the Qin and Han dynasties. (5) Enjoy leisure and recreation through colorful activities. There are over 100 kinds of amusement equipment in the scenic area, including some exciting facilities such as the pirate ship and merry-go-round, as well as tire swings, rocking chairs, seesaws and quincuncial piles. In addition, a plenty of colorful activities are also available, including double bicycles, four-wheeled cycles, go-karts, pedalos, dune buggies, bumper cars, “Just Go”, horse riding and arrow shooting. Meanwhile, tourists will be organized to participate in the wheelbarrow pushing competition, look around the lake by bike, or row a bamboo raft on the Riyue Lake to experience the interests in the water world. The newly-built scenic spots like Fujing Hill and Yellow River Observation Platform can also provide tourists with a full range of activities. (6) Ride the horse to feel the equestrian culture. The Yellow River Prairie Equestrian Club is the most standard and professional equestrian club in Central Plains with the most horses and largest fields. Located in the east of the scenic area, it is 25 kilometers from downtown Zhengzhou, near the Yellow River and 1,000-mu woods and wetlands in the north, facing the Yellow River Bridge No.2 on the east, stretching eastward to Zhengzhou Yellow River Highway Bridge. The largest road-rail bridge in China will cross this place. The club is the most influential comprehensive leisure place in Henan, combined with the themes of equestrian competitions, equestrian performances, grassland riding, special foods, tourism and sightseeing, film shooting, wedding photography, planting and breeding, and horse culture. Tourists can ride a horse and roam on the prairie, to feel the natural rhythm in the breeze. Under the sky suffused with golden clouds, listening to the sound of the Yellow River, they can also spur forward to experience the speed of howling wind and moving grasses. Besides, with the help of equestrian coaches, they can enjoy lofty sentiments of shining spears and armored horses crossing the battlefield (such as Three Warriors’ Fight with Lv Bu), and watch wonderful modern synchronized equestrian performances. During the period of leisure and recreation, tourists can fully and delightfully experience the activity, and release their surging passion, to show their enthusiasm for life toward the vast green place.

Tourist Commodities: Grapes, apples, pears, sweet potatoes, peanuts, chickens, and wine.

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Parking Information: Parking area at the park gate

Main Routes: 1. Experience of picking organic agricultural products. In the warm spring, an immense amount of flowers bloom, including peach blossoms, apricot flowers, and pear blossoms. It is the best time to appreciate the flowers and visit the park. The golden October, with countless rich fruits, is a warm period for the whole family to make DIY fruits picking, such as organic seedless grapes, pears, apples, and apricots. 2. Ecological culture of the animal husbandry, with goats, chickens, cows, deer, and gooses in flocks. 3. Sightseeing vacations in the natural oxygen bar, such as 1,000-mu alfalfa prairie, original wetland landscape, 1,000-mu wild osier bed, and reed beds. 4. Taiwan characteristic foods and beverages include Roast Whole Lamb, Taiwanese Three-Cup Chicken, Taiwanese Dried Radish Egg, Steamed Rice with Red-Cooked Pork, Self-service Barbecue, and Cyprinus Carpio. 5. The film base includes Han Culture Street (Han Street Movie and TV City) and Chu Han Ancient City Gate, two significant scenic spots built in the park. Based on various classical shooting scenes similar to the wild willow forests, it aims at becoming a distinctive film base with the characteristics of Fujing for screen culture in Central Plains. 6. The bonfire party full of characteristics of Taiwan gives tourists a distinctive feast with various programs and special self-service barbecue. 7. The Yellow River Prairie Equestrian Club is the largest equestrian club in Central Plains with more than 100 horses. It focuses its businesses on the inner cycle riding, VIP riding (places covering the prairie, wetlands, reed beds, and wild willow forests), renting of the ceremonial horse team, and renting of the European carriage. 8. Leisure and entertainment projects cover the pirate ship, gliding dragon, merry-go-round, On the Trail, rotating disco, ghost cave, go-karts, dune buggies, bumper cars, skating rink, and confusing scheme.

Traffic Information: 0371-65632009/65632119

Self-Driving Guide: Urban self-driving: Go north along Zhongzhou Avenue (or Huayuan Road)—North Fourth Ring Road Flyover—go to the North Fourth Ring Road toward Xuchang and Kaifeng—go east along the North Fourth Ring Road—go north (turn left) across the intersection of Lingzhuang, and go straight to the Yellow River Landscape Ecological World.

Tourist Shuttle Bus, Bus and Metro: Touring Line 6 from Huayuan Road, Liuzhuang—Yellow River Landscape Ecological World

Surrounding Tourist Attractions: Huayuankou Scenic Area, Plants Lavender Manor, and Yellow River Garden.

Accommodation: Three-star Standard Room and King-size Room of the Yellow River Landscape Ecological World

Dining: Taipei Restaurant

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