Zhengzhou Cherry Valley Scenic Area

Address: Houzhai Township, Erqi District, Zhengzhou (Tourist Service Center in Shanglihe Community, Erqi District, Zhengzhou)

Rank of the Scenic Area: 4A

Type of the Scenic Area: other

Ticket Price: free

Opening Time: all day

Release Time: 2018/1/23 16:21:09

Introduction to the Scenic Area:

Zhengzhou Cherry Valley Scenic Area is a national AA tourist attraction, and a key scenic spot of Zhengzhou City. It is located in the south of Houzhai Township, Erqi District, about 15 kilometers away from the downtown. Cherry Valley Village is the center of the scenic spot. Cherry Valley planted more than 4,000 mu cherries, which stretch over 100 li, enjoying the reputation of "Cherry Valley of Hundred Li”. It boasts beautiful scenery with undulating hills and criss-cross ravines. Here the cherry cultivation was originated from over 500 years ago. There are still some 100-year-old trees which bloom and bear fruits every year, thus forming a marvelous spectacular. And because of favorable climate, the valley as a shelter from the wind, and special soil, cherries produced here are featured by big size, rich pulp, pretty color, sweet taste and benefits to health and skin, rated as “Top 10 Famous Product in the History of Zhengzhou”. “Cherry Festival” has been held annually in Cherry Valley Scenic Area since 1999. The festival not only solves the difficulty in selling fruits, but also enhances the popularity of the scenic area through festival activities. Cherry Valley has become a highlight of sightseeing agriculture in the suburb of the provincial capital. Today, the Cherry Valley Scenic Area has reached an annual output of more than 1 million kilograms, and has over 20 new varieties. The cherries produced here maintain a market share of 70% in Zhengzhou. Technological content increases year by year, and scientific and technical contribution ratio has reached 80%. Centering on cherries, local villagers strive to develop rural leisure tourism. More than 70 recreation & sightseeing parks with rural characteristics sprang up, including Guo Mancang Homestead, Chaojun Ecological Park, Cherry Tribe, Jinyu Liangyuan Garden, Green Villa, and Cherry Blossom Villa. You can enjoy various recreational activities here, such as tasting farm food, hunting, taking a picnic, having a campfire party, experiencing farm work, participating in outdoor training, farmyard maze, self-picking fruits, fishing, BBQ and aquatic sports. You can really eat country-style food, live in farmhouses, do farm work, and play farm games. In order to build the brand of ecological leisure tourism in Erqi and accelerate the construction of the Cherry Valley Scenic Area, the CPC Committee and the People’s Government of Erqi District made a correct assessment of the situation and specially set up the Development & Management Committee of Cherry Valley Scenic Area, Erqi District, Zhengzhou City in June 2009. Over the past year, the Management Committee of the scenic area focused on speeding up the construction of the scenic area and aimed at creating a national AAA tourist attraction, thus opening up the tour circle around the Cherry Valley Scenic Area and facilitating the better and faster development of the scenic area. The Cherry Valley Scenic Area has also been awarded the title of “Famous Tourism Village with Characteristic Landscape”, and topped the list among all villages in the province in a provincial project named “Hundreds of Villages and Thousands of Households”.

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Seasonal Characteristics: enjoying flowers in spring, picking fruits in summer, appreciating pomegranates in autumn, and fishing in winter;

Tourist Commodities: farm coarse food grain: 0371-68820638

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Parking Information: The ecological parking lot of Cherry Valley Scenic Area is to be completed

Main Routes: Cheery Square—Cherry Valley Dam—Wang Family Courtyard—Ancient Cherry Tree Garden—Centurial Honey Locust—Millennial Grandmother Temple

Traffic: about 30 minutes’ drive from downtown Zhengzhou to Zhengzhou Cherry Valley Scenic Area; you can take the No. 317 bus at Medical College to the scenic area.

Self-Driving Guide: Cherry Festival is held in early May when cherries get ripe.

Tourist Shuttle Bus, Bus and Metro: No. 317 bus, Medical College–Cherry Valley; departure time : 6:00-17:50;

Surrounding Tourist Attractions: Phoenix Island, Butterfly Island, and Fish Barbecue Valley

Accommodation: Qingyaju Farmhouse Inn: 13803891063

Dining: Wang Family Yard: 13503860346

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