Zhengzhou Century Amusement Park

Address: No.1, Shihua Road, Zhengzhou, Henan

Rank of the Scenic Area: 4A

Type of the Scenic Area: theme park

Ticket Price: full fare: RMB 160/person;

half fare: RMB 80/person (limited to people aged 50-69, servicemen, the handicapped (all above with certification) and children who are 1.1-1.5 meters tall).

Opening Hours: usual days: 09:00-17:30;

golden week: 08:30-22:00;

winter: 10:00-17:30

Release Time: 2016/4/13 17:29:33

Introduction to the Scenic Area:

Situated in the intersection of Zhongzhou Avenue and Shihua Road, Zhengzhou Century Amusement Park is a National 4A Tourist Attraction. The scenic area, occupying a land area of 660 mu with an overall investment of RMB 680 million, is a cultural theme park that combines exploring train culture with enjoying Disney-like fun. It is also a key construction project of Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government. After six years' successful operation, Century Amusement Park carried out an overall update and upgrade in the Spring Festival of 2010. The park has become a public park attractive to people of all ages, from a single teenager-targeted amusement park in the past. The park has opened six theme entertainment programs, including 50 “Disney” projects, performance of polar marine animals, international animal circus performance of Lion and Tiger Village, Zork Anime Castle, train cultures of different times, and exotic rare flowers and trees. A ticket of RMB 120 gives you an access to all six entertainment programs, and all people, regardless of age and sex, can have a good time here.

Service Information:

Special Guide: Chinese- and English-speaking tour guides; about 2 hours for tour guiding at a time.

Docent Price: RMB 50/person

Seasonal Characteristics: enjoying happiness in warm spring, relaxation in hot summer, comfort in cool autumn, and warmth in cold winter in the park.

Tourist Commodities: tea, glass crafts, knitting handicrafts, cowboy hats, etc.

Traffic Information:

Parking Information: Shihua Road Parking Lot and Zhongzhou Avenue Parking Lot, about 500 parking bays

Main Routes: Zhongzhou Inn (Zhengzhou Tiancheng branch) 0371—69372000; Tiantian Holiday Hotel 0371—67070666

Traffic: 1. Railway Station: 0371—68356666;

2. Xinzheng International Airport: 0371—96666;

3. Longhai Road South Bus Station: 0371—66319555;

4. Zhengzhou Long-Distance Bus Terminal: 0371—68731286;

5. Zhengbian Road Long-Distance Bus Station: 0371—66348767;

6. Zhengzhou-Kaifeng Bus Deyi Station: 0371—66383055;

5. Longhai Road Bus Station: 0371—66323678;

7. Huayuan Road North Bus Station: 0371—65728861;

8. West Bus Station: 0371—67616908;

9. Zhengzhou New East Bus Station: 0371—65936629;

10. Erma Road Long-Distance Bus Station: 0371—66951553.

Self-Driving Guide: outdoor activities mainly; you had better wear gym shoes. For security purposes, tourists should be in good physical condition in conformity with the national relevant standards on riding amusement equipment.

Tourist Shuttle Bus, Bus and Metro: take No. B15, No. B16, No. 35, No. 59, No. 215, No. 216, No. 262 buses in Zhengzhou City to the intersection of Zhongzhou Avenue and Shihua Road

Surrounding Tourist Attraction: Zhengzhou Jinlu Ostrich Park0371—66873298

Accommodation: Zhongzhou Inn (Zhengzhou Tiancheng branch) 0371—69372000; Tiantian Holiday Hotel 0371—67070666

Dining: Teweicun Restaurant Weilai branch 0371—67071666; Haoweiju Seafood Restaurant 0371—88881115; Suncity Xinglongwan Hotel 0371—67070666

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