Shaolin Scenic Area

Address: Shaolin Temple Village, Chengguan Town, 15 kilometers northwest of Dengfeng City

Rank of the Scenic Area: 5A

Type of the Scenic Area: World Heritage

Ticket Price: RMB 100/person

Opening Hours: Before the National Day, 06:30-17:30; After the National Day, 07:00-17:00 (the opening and closing times of Shaolin Temple are delayed by half an hour)

Release Time: 2017/7/11 16:59:38

Introduction to the Scenic Area

It is one of the first batch of China’s 5A scenic areas, as well as the birthplace of world-renowned Zen ancestral Chamber and Shaolin Kung Fu. This area, built in the 19th year (495) of Taihe Period, Northern Wei Dynasty, is located 12 kilometers west of Dengfeng City. The Temple is named as Shaolin Temple because it is seated in the forest of Mount Shaoshi, Mount Song. Bodhidharma, an Indian eminent monk, stared down the wall for nine years and preached Zen for the first time. In the early Tang Dynasty, the 13 Shaolin Cudgel Monks rescued Li Shimin, the Prince of Qin, thus won great support from Tang Dynasty and became the “Most Famous Temple” eventually. Besides the Shaolin Temple, this scenic area has the largest ancient pagoda group in China­—Shaolin Tallinn, large-scale Kung Fu performance, Damour Hole and Sanhuang Village Scenic Resort.

Service Information

Special Guide: E-Guide and Mobile Phone Guide

Docent Price: The Shaolin Scenic Area has more than 500 stationed guides now, and the docent price is RMB 80/time (less than 10 persons).

Seasonal Characteristics

Tourist Commodities: Shaolin Temple Cottage Pudding, Zen Tea, Zen Pastry, Baked Sesame-Seed Cake and Shaolin Sword

Traffic Information

Parking Information: The Main Parking is located in the east of the Visitor Center Central Square, which can provide about 2,000  parking bays. And the VIP Parking with a capacity of 150 vehicles is opposite to the Ticket Office. Moreover, the Emergency Parking, located in the downlink of fire engine access, is available for 4,500 vehicles in peak seasons and festivals and holidays.

Main Routes

Traffic: Take the Dengfeng—Shaolin Shuttle Bus in West Bus Station, Dengfeng; or driving through Zhengshaoluo (Zhengzhou—Shaolin—Luoyang) Expressway and 207 National Highway.

Self-Driving Guide

Tourist Shuttle Bus, Bus and Metro

Surrounding Tourist Attractions

Accommodation: 1. International Zen Hotel (Standard Four-star Hotel), located in the west of the Wushu Hall, Shaolin Scenic Area, has a unique style with the topic of “Zen”. Hotline: 0371—62745666

2. Shaolin Tourism Resort (Hotel Villa), located in opposite to Shaolin Temple Resident Temple, has beautiful sceneries but scarce resource. Hotline: 0371—62745888


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