Zhengzhou Yanming Lake Ecological Scenic Area

Yanming Lake, located in the north of Zhongmou County, is 35 kilometers away from Zhengzhou in the west, 22 kilometers from Kaifeng in the east and 7 kilometers away from Zhengzhou-Kaifeng Avenue in the south. Facing Yellow river in the north and being 7km away from Zhengzhou-Kaifeng Avenue and adjoining Lianyungang-Huoerguos Highway in the south, it enjoys rather dominant regional advantages. With a planning area of 30 square kilometers, the scenic area occupies the area of 16 natural villages in three townships—Yanminghu, Wantan, Dameng, Yellow River Natural Wetland, as the largest wetland in Central China, is located in the vicinity of Yanming Lake with an area of 110,000 mu. Boasting nearly 10,000 mu of sand break, over 4,000 mu of broad lake, over 10, 000 mu of verdant forest, aquaculture water, pampasgrass, and lotus root pond, and various birds, it is the largest typical Yellow-River-based wetland in Central China. In 2001, it was named “Zhengzhou Teenager Bird-Loving Protection Base” by Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government. With unique ecological resources and wetland scenery, Yanming Lake Scenic Area has been a magnet for many visitors. A tourist resort featuring delicious steamed crabs and integrating sightseeing, vacationing, relaxation, amusement, catering with ecological tourism has gradually taken shape.

Address  Yanming Lake Scenic Area, Zhongmou County, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province 

Tel.  0371—62320800

Level of Scenic Area  2A

Type of Scenic Area  Tourist Resort 

Ticket Price  Free of Charge 

Opening Hours  24 Hours 

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