Zhengzhou Century Amusement Park

Situated in the intersection of Zhongzhou Avenue and Shihua Road, Zhengzhou Century Amusement Park is a 4A National Tourist Attraction. The scenic area, occupying a land area of 660 mu with an overall investment of RMB 680 million, is a cultural theme park that combines exploring train culture with enjoying Disney-like fun. It is also a key construction project of Zhengzhou Municipal Government. After six years' successful operation, Century Amusement Park carried out an overall update and upgrade in the Spring Festival of 2010. The park has become a public park attractive to people of all ages, from a single teenager-targeted amusement park in the past. The park has opened six theme entertainment programs, including 50 “Disney” projects, performance of polar marine animals, international animal circus performance of Lion and Tiger Village, Zork Anime Castle, train cultures of different times, and exotic rare flowers and trees. A ticket of RMB 120 gives you an access to all six entertainment programs and all people, regardless of age and sex, can have a good time here.  

Address: No.1, Shihua Road, Zhengzhou, Henan  

Tel.: 0371-88887991, 88887992 

Grade of the Scenic Area: 4A

Type of the Scenic Area: Theme park  

Ticket Price: Full fare: RMB 160/person;

Half Fare: RMB 80/person (limited to people aged 50-69, serviceman, the handicapped (all above with certification) and children who are 1.1-1.5 meters tall  

Opening Time:

Usual Days: 09:00-17:30;

The Golden Week: 08:30-22:00;

Winter: 10:00-17:30

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