Fenghuang Mountain Scenic Area

Green mountains and rivers, blooming flowers and ripe wild fruits, this is the picturesque place called Fenghuang Mountain Scenic Area. According to the legend, at ancient time, it was the paradise of phoenix thanks to its fresh water and grass. Luxuriant forest of 20 square kilometers seems to be a beautiful emerald hiding in the remote mountains at southwest part, 50 km away from Zhengzhou. Among wide dense forest, there are several valuable herbs such as lucid ganoderma, Polygonum multiflorum, Eucommia ulmoides, gastrodia elata, Rabdosia rubescens and honeysuckle. The Fenghuang Grand Canyon is reached via forest rich in “five kinds of herbs”. Running water gurgles, converges into beaded lakes and runs across the vast lake and deep pools. Simple and unsophisticated cottages are scattered in the Fenghuang valley. During hot summer, living in tidy and comfortable farmhouse at night can have a good experience of cool climate that “it is as warm as spring in the morning, as cool as autumn at nightfall, and as cold as winter at midnight”. Fenghuang Mountain features its unique sceneries of four seasons. In March, 100,000 apricot trees are all blossoming, presenting the visitors a sea of flowers and a paradise like Shangri-la. At the end of April, the 1,000-mu sophora flowers are also blossoming. Picking sophora flowers and enjoying a feast made with sophora flowers are popular at that time. In June, when the trees bear countless golden apricots, a great number of visitors would be attracted to pick the fruits. In autumn, chrysanthemum indicum is in full bloom, looking like a sea of yellow flowers, while purple grapes also become ripe and give out fragrance. In the Fenghuang Valley, green water is constantly running, and mountain springs hiding in the valley gurgle all year around. Fenghuang Mountain Scenic Area is more active owing to its water.  

Address: Xiasigou Village, Jianshan, Xinmi

Tel.: 0371-69229110 

Type of the Scenic Area: natural scenic spot  

Ticket price: RMB 25/person  

Opening hours: March-September: 7:00-18:30

Other months: 9:00-17:00

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