Sanhuang Mountain Peach Blossom Valley Scenic Area

Address: Taohuayu Village, Guangwu Town, Xingyang City

Rank of the Scenic Area: 3A

Natural Scenic Area: natural scenic spot

Ticket Price: RMB 30/person; winter: RMB 120/person, including two-hour skiing in Peach Blossom Valley Ski Field

Opening Hours: all year round

Release Time: 2017/7/11 18:08:28

Introduction to the Scenic Area:

The scenic area lies on Guangwu Mountain, 20 kilometers northwest of Zhengzhou, adjoining the Yellow River to the north, Yellow River Scenic Area to the east, and the Chu-Han border to the west. Peach Blossom Valley is both a national geopark and a provincial forest park; it is also the dividing point between the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River. With such scenic spots as Three-Emperor Cultural Park, the boundary tablet of the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River, scrolls-like Great Wall, and an eco-ski field, it has become a good destination for relaxation, vacation, sightseeing and tourism.

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Seasonal Characteristics: enjoying peach blossom in spring; tasting flat peaches and visiting the Yellow River in summer; appreciating scenery in autumn; skiing in winter

Tourist Commodities: cyprinus carpio, carassius auratus and trionyx sinensis from the Yellow River

Traffic Information:

Parking Information: two parking lots

Main Routes: the boundary tablet of the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River—Three-Emperor Cultural Area— Peach Blossom Fairy Statue—Dragon and Phoenix Pavilion

Traffic: one-hour drive from the scenic area to Zhengzhou

Self-driving Guide: four distinctive seasons

Tourist Shuttle Bus, Bus and Metro: take No. 566 bus at the west gate of Bayside Ridge to Fanhe Village, and then transfer to other motor vehicles to the destination.

Surrounding Tourist Attraction: Ancient Battlefield Scenic Area of Two Kings’ Fortresses 15838198111

Accommodation: Jiasheng Century Hotel, Tel: 0371—64677038

Dining: Zhengzhou Hailong Hotel, Tel: 0371—64639999

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