Fengle Agricultural Garden—Mara Bay Sea Beach Scenic Area of the Yellow River Valley

Address: 600 meters from the north section of Jiangshan Road to East Yellow River Dike, Zhengzhou, Henan

Rank of the Scenic Area: 4A

Type of the Scenic Area: Amusement Park

Ticket Price: Ticket to the Mara Bay is RMB 130; Fengle Sunflower Park is open for free

Opening Hours: The Fengle Sunflower Park opens every day, while the Mara Bay opens from 09:00 to 22:00 from May to October each year

Release Time: 2016/4/15 10:12:22

Introduction to the Scenic Area

The scenic area is situated in the north section of Jiangshan Road, with an area of over 4,300 mu. According to the plan, it is divided into four characteristic functional areas, including the eastern Modern High-tech Facility Agriculture Demonstration Area, the western Sunflower Park (the largest in China), the southern Mara Bay Sea Beach of the Yellow River Valley of the Fengle Agricultural Garden (the best water landscape in Asia), and the northern Breeding Base for Flowers, Fruits and Trees. Modern agricultural sightseeing facilities have been built in the scenic area, including intelligent greenhouses, sunlight greenhouses, steel frame sheds, screen houses, tissue culture rooms, seedling storage rooms, solar lighting, wind power generation, geothermal hot spring wells, and methane tanks. In addition, some tourism facilities have also completed, such as high-grade peach blossom Japanese-style clubhouses, the visitor center, guest rooms with hot spring, western restaurants, coffee houses, a big display screen on the square, and a query system on touch screen. There are sports facilities, including golf driving ranges, tennis courts, basketball courts, and table tennis driving ranges, as well as newly-built 16 conference rooms with various specifications to implement agricultural training, and tourism supporting facilities which can meet the demands of 1,000 people’s accommodation, 3,000 people’s meeting and 5,000 people’s dining. With basically completed infrastructure, and relatively comprehensive functions, the scenic area has become a modern agricultural demonstration scenic area, an Eco-tourism and sightseeing center, and a large base for conference training with certain popularity in Henan.

Service Information

Special Guide: GPS map

Docent Price: Expositors will provide free instructions

Seasonal Characteristics: Various flowers in three seasons, beautiful scenery in the whole year, with a variety of colors

Tourist Commodities

Traffic Information

Parking Information: 2,000 places

Main Routes: Sunflower Park, Peony Garden, and Mara Bay Water Park

Traffic Information: 35 kilometers from Zhengzhou Railway Station, and over 40 kilometers from Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport

Self-Driving Guide: Fengle Sunflower Park is suitable for everyone, while children and the old need to be careful in the Mara Bay

Tourist Shuttle Bus, Bus and Metro: No. 303 Bus and No. 18 Bus

Surrounding Tourist Attractions: Mara Bay Sea Beach Scenic Area 0371—63773288; Fengle Modern High-tech Facility Agriculture Demonstration Area 0371—63773863

Accommodation: Huanghegu Hot Spring Hotel 0371—63773288

Dining: Huanghe Yucun Restaurant in Fengle Agricultural Garden 0371—63773213

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