Gubaidu Fengle Cherry Blossom Garden Tourist Scenic Area

Address: Xue Village, Wangcun Town, Xingyang

Rank of the Scenic Area: 4A

Type of the Scenic Area: Natural Scenic Area

Ticket Price: One adult ticket to two gardens is RMB 180 (ordered price: RMB 80) during the full-blossom period on weekdays from March 13 to April 1 

Opening Hours: All year round

Release Time: 2017/7/11 17:50:59

Introduction to the Scenic Area

It is located in Northwest Xinyang, 47 kilometers from the downtown area of Zhengzhou, 22 kilometers from the downtown area of Xinyang, and 10 kilometers from Shangjie District. Along the Yellow River, alongside Mangshan Mountain, the scenic area is at the initial stage of development and construction, with simple and beautiful natural scenery. The major scenic spots include the Yellow River Crossing Works of the Middle Route Project (MRP) for South-to-North Water Diversion, Gubaidu Sanshuiyuan, Guarding Town Iron Ox, Yellow River Fisherman Household, 10,000-mu Fishpond (with a fishing pond), Bolangsha Wetland Park, Pelodiscus Sinensis Breeding Farm, and Jinlong Ecological Park.

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Seasonal Characteristics: Having an outing and picking wild vegetables in spring; appreciating the lotus on a boat to relieve heat in summer; tasting sweet fruits with swaying reeds in autumn. Going fishing is available in the three seasons.

Tourist Commodities: Cyprinus carpio, carassius auratus and trionyx sinensis in the Yellow River, sweet potatoes with various colors, selenium-rich pears, and rice of the Yellow River Beach.

Traffic Information

Parking Information: Parking around the scenic area

Main Routes: Gubaidu Sanshuiyuan—Guarding Town Iron Ox—Yellow River Fisherman Household in Gubaidu—10,000-mu Fishpond (with a fishing pond)—Bolangsha Wetland Park—Pelodiscus Sinensis Breeding Farm—Jinlong Ecological Park

Traffic Information: About one-hour drive from the scenic area to Zhengzhou

Self-Driving Guide: Self-driving route in the urban area of Zhengzhou: (1) Go west on the Lianyungang–Khorgas Expressway from Zhengzhou to Hulao Pass, Shangjie District, and go north to the Gubaidu Feihuang Scenic Area. 2. Go north on Jiangshan Road from the urban area of Zhengzhou to the intersection of Provincial Road S314, 15 kilometers to the west, and go to the crossing of Shihua Road, to get there. 3. Go west on Kexue Avenue to the intersection between Anyang Road and Shihua Road, 2,000 meters to the north to get there. Self-driving route in Henan: 1. From Kaifeng to Shangqiu—Lianhuo Expressway—Hulao Pass in Shangjie District—going north on Shihua Road—Gubaidu 2. From Sanmenxia to Luoyang—Lianhuo Expressway—Hulao Pass in Shangjie District—going north on Shihua Road—Gubaidu 3. From Xuchang to Luohe—transferring from Jingzhu Expressway to Lianhuo Expressway—Hulao Pass in Shangjie District—going north on Shihua Road—Gubaidu 4. From Anyang to Hebi—Beijing–Hong Kong–Macao Expressway—Lianhuo Expressway—Hulao Pass in Shangjie District—going north on Shihua Road—Gubaidu

Tourist Shuttle Bus, Bus and Metro: Take the bus from Xingyang to Wangcun at Xingyang Bus Station

Surrounding Tourist Attractions: Peach Blossom Valley (3A) 0371—64815999; Bawang City 15838198111

Accommodation: Jiasheng Century Hotel, Tel: 0371—64677038

Dining: Zhengzhou Hailong Hotel, Tel: 0371—64639999

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