Sanquanhu Scenic Area

Address: In the Management Committee of Jianshan Scenic Area, Xinmi City, about 50 km southwest of Zhengzhou

Rank of the Scenic Area:4A

Type of the Scenic Area: Natural Scenic Spot

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Release Time: 2017/7/11 17:40:14

Introduction to the Scenic Area

The scenic area, surrounded by various mountains, enjoys views of mist-shrouded valleys and peaks in rosy light. In the canyon, there are centuries-old trees reaching up towards the sky, winding paths leading to a secluded spot, steep cliffs, deep streams, dense forests and narrow pathways. The scenic area not only has species of Grade One and Grade Two of National Protected Plants as well as other plants, but also has rare animals, numerous Chinese medicinal herbs and natural landscapes. On the shore, greenwood covers the sky, vegetation grows wild, and strange tree intertwine with fancy stones. The mountains are carpeted with twined vines, leafy bushes and wild grass. According to incomplete statistics, the scenic area has more than 600 species of plants now. In the meantime, the canyon is fulfilled with strange stones. Deep pools with clean water and flowing waterfalls are linked together like a string of jade beads. The wonderful views and various forms show the force and magnanimity of northern sceneries. The landscape of lakes and hills, groups of fish and shrimp, flourishing flowers and plants and fragrant autumn fruits form an abundant and vivid scene. The all-year-round running spring water is clear and crystal, fresh and sweet, and available for drinking directly. Green mountains are reflecting on the lake, colorful stones are lying in the bottom, and beautiful attractions come out one after another, such as Qingyuetan and Hupaoquan.

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Self-Driving Guide: Self-Driving Routes: A. Zhengshaoluo (Zhengzhou—Shaolin—Luoyang) Expressway—Xinmi West Exit—Shipokou (Fuxi Avenue)—Fuxi Valley

B. Zhengzhou National Highway 310—Xingyang—Xingmi Road (S232)—Wuhugou—Fuxi Valley

C. Lianyungang-Khorgos Expressway—Xingyang Exit—Xingmi Road (S232)—Wuhugou—Fuxi Valley

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