Zhongyue Temple

Address: Zhongyue Temple, Dengfeng, Zhengzhou, Henan (3 kilometers east of downtown Dengfeng)

Rank of the Scenic Area: 4A

Type of the Scenic Area: World Heritage

Ticket Price: RMB 30/person; price for temple fair preferential ticket is RMB 10/person in every March and October (from the fifth to the fifteenth day of the month on the lunar calendar)

Opening Hours: 06:30–17:30 before National Day; 7:00–17:00 after National Day

Release Time: 2017/7/11 17:02:09

Introduction to the Scenic Area:

Located at the east section of Shaolin Avenue, Dengfeng City, it is the birthplace of Chinese Taoism, and is also the largest and best-preserved existing Taoist temple among the Five Mountains in China. Zhongyue Temple was first built during the Qin Dynasty. Today there are more than 400 rooms of buildings, more than 200 metal and stone castings, and more than 300 ancient cypresses. It has been rated as a key relic protected at the national level, and a world cultural heritage site. The Zhongyue Song Gaoling Temple Tablet in the temple is one of the first Taoist tablets in China; the Zhenku Iron Man Statue of the Song Dynasty is the largest and best-preserved iron man statue with an optimal shape today in China; the Wengzhong Stone Carving of the Han Dynasty is the most ancient Wengzhong stone statue today in China.

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Tourist Commodities: baked cake with scorched crust, Songshan coarse cereals, Shaolin Zen Tea, Songshan ginseng fruit, Shaolin vegetarian pie, and martial arts equipment

Traffic Information:

Parking Information: 100 meters west of the ticket office; around 150 parking bays

Main Routes: Astronomical Observatory–Zhongyue Temple–Songyang Academy–Shaolin Temple

Traffic: 1. about 123 kilometers from Xinzheng Airport, and about 124 minutes’ drive;

2. about 82.1 kilometers from Zhengzhou Bus Central Station, and about 107 minutes’ drive;

3. about 82.1 kilometers from Zhengzhou Railway Station, and about 107 minutes’ drive;

Self-driving Guide:

Tourist Shuttle Bus, Bus and Metro: take No. 2 bus in downtown Dengfeng to Zhongyue Temple Station

Surrounding Tourist Attractions: Shaolin Temple (5A), Songyang Academy (4A), Songyue Pagoda (World Cultural Heritage), Astronomical Observatory (World Cultural Heritage), Huishan Temple (World Cultural Heritage), Songshan Mountain, Fawang Temple, Yongtai Temple, and Luya Waterfall Tel: 0371—62745599

Accommodation: Tianzhong Hotel (0371-62898888), Shaolin International Hotel (0371-62866188), Chanwu Hotel (0371-62808888), Fengyuan Hotel (0371-62865081), and Wudu Hotel (0371-62819988)

Dining: Jin’gui Restaurant (0371—62888900), Tianyuan Hotel, Yongtai Temple Vegetarian Restaurant (0371—62748757), Shancun Restaurant (0371—62888388), and many other farmhouse restaurants on both sides of the round-the-mountain highway in downtown for your choice.

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