Erqi Memorial Tower

Established in 1971, Erqi Memorial Tower is located in Erqi Square of Zhengzhou city. It is a unique twin tower with reinforced concrete structure in the style of the ancients. It was built in honor of the Erqi Strike (an anti-imperialist, anti-warlord strike by the Beijing-Hankou Railway workers led by the Chinese Communist Party on February 7, 1923). Erqi Tower was listed as a national key relic protection site in 2006 and therefore become the youngest one of that kind in China.

Address: Erqi Square, Zhengzhou
       Tel: 0371-66997578
       Scenic Area Category: Museum
       Ticket Price: Free
       Business Hours: 09: 30 -- 16: 00
       Tourist Shuttle, Bus and Metro: Metro line 1, Bus No.2, Bus No.9, Bus No.26, Bus No.28, Bus No.32, Bus No.57 and Bus No.58


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