Henan Yawen Grand Hotel

    The hotel, built according to the four-star standards, is a multifunctional courtyard-style business hotel integrating catering, accommodation, meetings and recreation. It is equipped with a total of 64 featured guest rooms and 8 meeting rooms of various sizes, among which there is a column-free functional room that can accommodate 500 people for meeting or dinner once. Meanwhile, it also covers a building and green area of 35,000 square meters and provides various sports facilities like tennis, basketball and badminton courts, billiard saloons, table tennis rooms and so on. Yawen Hotel serves authentic Chaozhou cuisines, top-quality bird’s nest, abalone and shark’s fin, and special health-benefiting stew food. The 1st-2nd floors are for food and beverage service, and the 3rd-5th floors for guest rooms.

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