New Ideas, New Methods, And New Energy! The Fifth New Era Great Cultural Tourism Symposium Concluded Successfully

On January 6, the fifth New Era Great Cultural Tourism symposium, hosted by the Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television & Tourism and the People’s Government of Jinshui District, concluded successfully in Zhengzhou after a two-day event. Since the opening of the event, two thematic forums and three parallel sessions have been held, featuring 22 corporate booths. The event attracted representatives from cultural tourism enterprises in 54 cities across the country.

High-Profile Figures Gather to Share New Ideas and Methods, Bringing in New Energy

Attendees included Li Yanqing, Deputy Director of the Culture and Tourism Department of Henan Province, Li Dawei, General Manager of Henan Cultural and Tourism Investment Group, key leaders from Jinshui District and the Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television & Tourism, as well as representatives from cultural and tourism departments at various levels, national cultural and tourism industry associations, and leaders and professors from some local universities. The symposium was supported by multiple organizations, including the Henan Culture and Tourism Research Institute, Zhengzhou Yellow River Cultural Park, the Culture, Tourism and Sports Bureau of Jinshui District, and Zhengzhou Tourism Association. It was jointly organized by enterprises such as Taihe Culture and Tourism Group, Henan China Travel Service, and Pujian Wenlv.

The symposium also focused on cutting-edge topics, featuring parallel sessions on "Building High-Quality Study Tours," "Exploring New Models for Elderly Tourism," and "Empowering the Cultural and Tourism Industry with New Media".

Sharing Insights, Exploring, and Driving Innovation in Cultural Tourism and Fostering Cross-Industry Collaborations

On January 6, the “Theme Study Tour” activities were successively launched, combining lectures and on-site visits. This initiative effectively promotes innovative development and cross-industry collaboration within the cultural tourism industry.

In addition to the highly anticipated "New Product Release" and "Signing Ceremony" segments, the 22 exhibition booths set up at the venue became a focal point outside the conference hall. These booths concentrated on showcasing the achievements and distinctive products of cultural tourism industry development from all over the country. This highlighted the current vibrant and diverse trends in the cultural tourism industry.

Looking ahead, Zhengzhou will continue to focus on promoting the deep integration of culture and tourism. Leveraging the opportunities and platforms offered by such symposiums, it will help the regional cultural tourism industry upgrade and achieve high-quality development.

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