Red Tourism and Suburb Travel Become Increasingly Heated

During the Golden Week holiday, despite rainy weather, many people chose to experience red tourism at the Yellow River Scenic Area by visiting the National Defense Education Base of Henan Province, Yan and Huang Emperors' Statues and sculptures of over 100 famous Chinese historical figures.

During the holiday, the newly released sculptures of the famous Chinese historical figures attracted a great many visitors to feel the profoundness and extensiveness of Chinese civilization. It is said that the 100-plus figures were historical and cultural celebrities selected by history experts. The three-dimensional sculptures coordinated with plants, flowing water and light perfectly integrate with the scenic area, the garden and the square.

In the meantime, many people took their children to the national defense education base and the Yellow River State Geological Museum to experience simulated earthquake and sandstorm.

In addition, some people chose to spend the holiday at Gubaidu Scenic Area, Fengle Farm and other tourist attractions. According to statistics, during the holiday, Gubaidu Scenic Area received more than 280,000 visitors including many young people from all over China to enjoy activities like bungee jumping, sand-skiing and grass skiing. The Yellow River Torch Festival has also attracted a large number of tourists, where they enjoyed themselves by singing and dancing around bonfires on the sand.

During the holiday, Fengle Farm hosted activities themed “Moonlight over Suburbs” and provided visitors with family reunion banquets. At the farm, visitors enjoyed beautiful views of millions of blooming sunflowers while parents with their children experienced idyllic life by picking red pears, sugar canes and sweet potatoes.

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