23 Unlicensed Outlets are Banned! Zhengzhou Culture and Tourism Industry Strictly Carries Out Epidemic Prevention and Control Measures

In order to further strengthen the epidemic prevention work of the cultural tourism industry in the city, the Zhengzhou Cultural Market Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Detachment has actively promoted the joint prevention and control of epidemic prevention work in the city in the past week, vigorously carried out special inspections on travel agencies and unlicensed cultural tourism operations, and promoted epidemic prevention emergency drills within the scope of cultural tourism enterprises in the city.

In accordance with the epidemic prevention guidelines of the Market Management Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People's Republic of China and the deployment of epidemic prevention work in provinces and municipalities, the team carries out epidemic prevention and control law enforcement inspection in the cultural tourism market of the whole city, makes full use of scientific and technological means such as cultural network guards and national tourism supervision platforms to form online and offline full coverage supervision, and strictly inspects the cultural tourism outlets of the whole city.

Based on statistics, several Class A scenic spots, KTVs and cinemas in our city have completed or are preparing epidemic prevention emergency drills this week. Law enforcement personnel inspected 13 tourist buses, persuaded to return 3 due to epidemic prevention hazards, inspected 630 cultural and tourism operators (times) in total, dispatched 1,610 persons (times), banned 23 unlicensed outlets, and ordered to correct 69 on site.


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