Park | Zhengzhou's Newest Popular Scenic Spot: Butterfly Lake Park. Great attraction to tourists, free parking, bus accessible.

These days a park in Zhengzhou went viral. You can see it in all kinds of social media as if half the people in the city have gone to visit it. The park is the Butterfly Lake Park.

In summer it was not completely built and was semi-open so people paid no attention to it. So its popularity in the Spring Festival this year truly gives the city a surprise.

Butterfly Lake Park is an important ecological park in the Economic Development Zone, which was planned in 2013. In 2015 water started to be stored in the lake. It took the following five years to complete the construction and finally opened before the Spring Festival, as if a black horse in Zhengzhou.

The name "Butterfly Lake" is very beautiful, making you feel a butterfly lightly fluttering, leaving a beautiful image, which implies that the Economic Development Zone is just like a butterfly, spreading its wings and flying high. In fact, the whole Zhengzhou is booming just like the Economic Development Zone. The environment that was once criticized is getting better and better.

North Dragon Lake Wetland Park, Shuanghe Lake Central Park, and today's Butterfly Lake Park all show that when a city starts to pay attention to people's livelihood and the environment, that's when it is becoming international.

Butterfly Lake Park covers an area of more than 1,500 mu, with a water area of 750 mu, equivalent to the coverage of five Ruyi Lake. Butterfly Lake Park boasts clear water and lush trees as if the wetlands in the forest have been moved here. It has a quiet environment, natural scenery, fresh air, like a forest in the city, providing a secret rest land for people.

Because it is the winter now, the trees are bare and the grass is withered, giving it a sense of silence and emptiness. There are really a lot of visitors here, given that Butterfly Lake Park is located in the Chaohe Northern Ring Road in Guancheng District, far from the city. But looking around, there are countless people with vehicles parked on both sides of the road. Adults and children can be seen everywhere and the laughter heard everywhere.

After the fourth day of the Spring Festival, everyone no longer need to visit relatives and come out as it is boring at home with nothing to do. Besides, as the Butterfly Lake Park is newly opened and asks for no admission fee with free parking, people are curious at it, so they all come here to have a visit. It is full of people every day.

On the east part of the park, there is a vast grassland where you can run freely, and children can fly kites and play with their friends. Children can release their nature and feel the nature in their running.

Walking inside, you can see the main visiting area with the Butterfly Lake in the middle. Around it are different scenic spots. On the east is the water-close corridor, and on the west is the Golden Beach and Fayun Temple. You can enjoy both the natural beauty and humanistic beauty in the park.

Looking up, a white bridge shaped like a ring comes into view, which is called "Ring Bridge", known as the most romantic bridge in Zhengzhou. I didn't expect that Zhengzhou, which is thought masculine, has such a romantic and gentle feature. The city is really getting better and better.

Ring Bridge is in the visual center of Butterfly Lake Park and can be seen from anywhere in the park. It seems that the park was built using the "view borrowing" design technique of Suzhou gardens.

There are two other bridges in the park: the Butterfly Reflection Bridge and the Gallery Bridge, which connect the eastern and western parts of the Butterfly Lake Park respectively.

Butterfly Reflection Bridge, a five-arch stone bridge, is ancient style, white and elegant, giving the Butterfly Lake poetic feelings. Against the surrounding willow trees, it shows elegant charm like the famous Broken Bridge in the West Lake.

The Gallery Bridge is very long, about 100 meters, is a standard wooden bridge, red and elegant, with ancient fable stories painted on the top, making visitors feel strong culture atmosphere. Standing on the covered bridge you can look out over the Ring Bridge, which is most beautiful at sunset because it faces west.

Butterfly Lake is a young lake, the water source comes from the surrounding river, using a circular filtration system, the water is crystal clear, without a trace of odor. With the flowers and trees on the shore, it is as beautiful as a painting.

The weather in Zhengzhou is getting warmer these days, so while there is still time for your vacation, take your family here to feel the beauty of the wind and sunshine and welcome the arrival of spring.

【Travel Tips】

Address: North Ring Road of Chaohe, Guancheng District, Zhengzhou City, no entrance fee.

Transportation: Take bus No. 168 and get off at Qingbo Road stop on the 12th street of Jingkai.

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