Pictures | Intoxicating Red Autumnal Leaves in Gongyi’s Changshou Mountain

Among the four seasons, autumn is the most absorbing one

Isolated from noises and haze

Changshou Mountain is a perfect meandering destination

Autumnal leaves are glittering under the setting sun

The forest is dressed in rosy clouds and colorful brocade

Situated in Zhulin Town, Gongyi City

Changshou Mountain is the nearest red leave base to Zhengzhou

It is a national AAAA tourist attraction

covering 8.7 square kilometers

It is the largest red leave base in central China

with most complete varieties and longest appreciation period

Changshou Mountain is so charming
Magnificent and enchanting

She’s dancing with the red leaves
Seen in the distance, she’s glowing
and jumping in flames
Apart from refreshing scenes

Changshou Mountain is home to 16 ancient streets
200-plus stores
and 500 varieties of dishes
There’s always one special flavor for you
The tender and gorgeous red leaves
has attracted visitors near and far
Coming with the invigorating wind
the Frost’s Descent
has drawn a full stop to the mature, lush and colorful autumn
Frosty leaves in Changshou Mountain are redder than February flowers
It is the right time to go on a tour
for the flaming leaves in Changshou Mountain

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration