Thirteen excellent stage plays in Henan will be shown soon

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the whole country has worked together to fight against it.

It is learned from the Publicity Department of the CPC Henan Provincial Party Committee on February 13 that in order to give full play to the unique role of excellent literary works in inspiring, influencing and motivating people, and gather join efforts of the whole province to overcome the difficulties, the Publicity Department of the CPC Henan Provincial Party Committee, Culture and Tourism Department of Henan Province, and Henan Radio & Television Station jointly organized the "Literary Works in Henan — Excellent Stage Plays Exhibition". This exhibition will show 13 works selected from the stage plays in Henan Province which have won important national awards in recent years, covering the Yu opera, Yue tone opera, drama, dance drama and other art forms. It will be broadcast on the Public Channel and New Rural Channel of Henan Radio & Television Station, Common People Cultural Cloud Platform and Xiyuan APP from February 15 so that the public may enjoy better cultural resources and pass warmth and positive energy.

The 13 plays include: Yu opera: Chang Xiangyu, Cheng Ying Rescues the Orphan, The Breezy Pavilion, Su Wu Tending the Sheep, Chaoyang Ravine, Woman Sesame Oil Maker, Jiao Yulu, Village Official Li Tiancheng, and The Red Plum Blossom Under the Hay Cutter; drama: Red Flag Canal; Yue tone opera: Laozi; dance drama: Shaolin in the Wind, Goddess of the Luo River. These plays, with strong characteristics of the times, reflect the great love in the world, the deeper love for the family and the country, the righteousness of the nation, and the responsibility.

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