The “No-Power-Off” Flight of China Eastern Airlines is Put into Operation Today

After China Eastern Airlines announced to end the restriction on the use of cellphones on the plane on January 17, at 00:16 of 18th, the China Eastern Airlines Flight MU553 from Pudong, Shanghai to Paris, became the first flight in China on which mobile phones are available during its flight. That is to say, only turning on the airplane mode, passengers can use mobile phones (smart phones) and small PED devices within the specified size, such as laptops, tablets, and E-readers, throughout the flight. After connecting the devices with the aerial Internet via WiFi, passengers can experience online services, including social communication, video call, in-flight shopping, news, and real-time in-flight payment.

In addition, if passengers want to use their mobile phones during the flight, they need to note the following points:

① Please turn on the airplane mode and turn off the cellular mobile communication throughout the flight.

② At the stages of taxiing, take-off, descending and landing, mobile phones are not allowed to connect to accessories like earphones and micro USB.

③ Mobile phones and other devices which do not have airplane mode are still banned from using during the flight. ”

 “Airplane mode” has been perfectly justifiable, which is both a technological success and a service upgrade. Since the high-speed rail of “Renaissance” achieved the full coverage of WiFi, the air-railway competitions have entered the superheating stage. As long as the signal interference can be resisted, it would be an inevitable choice to connect the Internet on the plane. It may also mean that the last piece of “pure land” for us to keep away from mobile phones will disappear.

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