Mount Song in April

In April, spring is here and flowers are in blossom.

Let’s greet the spring

at the Mount Song Shaolin Scenic Area.

First, some pictures are shown for you ...

Mount Song is well known for its towering height

and mystery.

And it’s also an ideal place for an outing in spring and for appreciating flowers. How much do you know about Mount Song?

As a famous scenic area in China, Songshan Mountain is also an important birthplace of Chinese civilization, the earliest political, economic, and cultural center of China, and the spiritual home of the Chinese nation. It boasts a unique position in the hearts of the Chinese people domestically and even those around the world.

It is reputed as a poetic art palace of landscape and a treasured land of gorgeous natural resources. With 72 peaks rolling and connecting with each other that resemble spines and bones, Songshan Mountain appears as magnificent as a lying giant. The mountain in spring is an oil painting.

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