Charming Music Fountain in Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden

With the start of “Night of Green Expo Garden”, the sound-light-electricity music fountain of Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden was upgraded again and danced at night, showing amazing charm. Compared with “ordinary version” in the daytime, the music fountain at night, with the shades of Maple Lake as background, is more colorful under the light. It dances to music and shows elegant posture, attracting a large number of visitors. 
       The music fountain is 180m in length and 60m in width. It has 26 patterns. The water column can be as high as one hundred meter. Along with music rhythm of 11 songs like “Song of Shepherd”, “The Butterfly Lovers”, “V3”, “The Yellow River Piano Concerto” and “Quartet”, the fountain changes its patterns, showing colorful and beautiful scenes and bringing you into a well-proportioned, wonderful and three-dimensional magic world to feel the beauty of the Central Plains in fancy changes. 
       As night falls and colorful lights are lit, the fountain slowly erupts with music. Colorful water columns “dance” to beautiful melodies and changes different patterns. It is really amazing. When the music fountain erupts, the fountain and music are as a whole. When music is pitched, water columns rise. When music is slow, water columns also fall. Colors and shapes of water columns vary from different music tunes, making people bewildering and dizzying. Citizens around the fountain are absorbed in the wonderful scene. They listen to melodious songs, appreciate beautiful music fountain and occasionally give compliments. Children, who are held in arms and are yet not good at talking, applaud happily. 
      According to introduction of staff, “Many people go to the lakeside to take a close look at the fountain. In fact, the best location is the steps of dais. Seen from that place, the fountain is more panoramic and three-dimensional. Moreover, water spot will not be sprayed onto body if there is wind.”
      Night is the best time to appreciate the music fountain in Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden. The fountain is gorgeous and colorful. Every Friday to Sunday before August 28, the fountain will be opened at 20:30. There is only one week left this month. In addition, shows of “Night of Green Expo Garden” and “Lamplight Festival” are also only available for one week. For citizens who have not enjoyed shows, please come here quickly to enjoy the shows and the cool at the last week of “Night of Green Expo Garden”.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration