Gubaidu Feihuang Scenic Area (4A) and Huancui Valley (3A) Offer Discounted Tickets

To respond to the the Notice by the Culture and Tourism Department of Henan Province of Providing Discounted Tickets for Zhengzhou Citizens during the National Traditional Games of Ethnic Minorities of the People’s Republic of China and enhance the sense of gain of Zhengzhou people, Gubaidu Feihuang Scenic Area (4A) and Huancui Valley (3A) will offer discounted tickets

From September 8 to 18, citizens from Zhengzhou and its six subordinated counties and cities can enjoy half-off tickets with their valid ID cards, and it will be RMB 45 per person.

Gubaidu Feihuang Scenic Area is a national 4A scenic spot, which combines the vast desert, the Yellow River, high mountains, and oasis. It also unfolds a picture depicting the wildness of Northwest China and prettiness of the south of the Yangtze River. The profound culture also complements well with the natural scenery, and it is also a miniature of the view “a smoke hangs straight on the desert vast, a sun sits round on the endless stream”. The major projects include a sand sliding field with big fall and long slideway, grass sliding field, sand sliding field for children, sheepskin raft drifting (the only one on the Yangtze River), camel bells at the oasis, speed boat of the Yangtze River, sightseeing chairlift, cliff glass bridge, bungee, ice hanging, golden sands, sands sports programs, grassland scenery, recreational fishery, etc.

The free visit to the Huancui Valley has been available for self-drive tourists from Monday to Friday (holidays excluded) since 2019. To celebrate the National Traditional Games and enhance people’s sense of gain, the scenic area will introduce more favorable policies. From September 1 to 30, citizens of Zhengzhou and its six subordinated counties and cities can enter the scenic sites (Longxi Palace excluded) with their ID cards or residence permits for free.

Huancui Valley is a national 3A tourist spot, provincial tourist attraction, provincial forest park, and listed in the Top 10 excellent tourist sites of Zhengzhou. It is famous for its unique stones, caves, sceneries and forests. The 130 and more natural landscapes are distributed in six sightseeing areas, namely Wolongtai, Xinghua Village, Gujiang Forest on Jiguan Mountain, Luohe Ravine, Longxi Palace, and wild fruit-bearing forests at Chennan Gully. It takes natural landscapes as the major part and ancient cities as the feature. Based on cultural resources, the scenic area combines sightseeing, recreation tourism, education, and eco-environment protection.

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