Amazing! Here’s the 2019 Summer Night Carnival in Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden

2019 Kingstar Beer Summer Night Carnival in China Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden started grandly on June 29. Zhengzhou became a city with exciting night life with the romantic spider flower sea, attractive performances, inviting local delicacies, breath-taking beer drinking competition, splendid music fountain, and bright night scenes...

The activity series will be held on every Saturday and Sunday from June 29 to August 18. During the event, ticket selling will stop at 21:00 and the Garden will close at 22:00. Thus visitors are advised to arrange their time.

Fashion shows ignite the summer carnival

From June 29 to August 18, just have fun on every Saturday and Sunday in the Garden. Extolling the New Era/the Belt and Road/Delicacies and Scenery/Emerging Art/Youth Culture, the five themes are all worth your expectation. The colorful shows will start at 19:00 every Saturday and Sunday, including magic-like sand painting, dynamic DJ light show, astonishing magic show of dead-end escaping, exciting flair bartending, Sichuan opera show of face changing and fire spraying, national dance, monologue comic talk, beer competition, clown-themed musical, band performance, etc. You will always find the best for yourself.

All the delicacies you have ever expected

You will never have a satisfying summer without beer and food. “Laojie Weidao” Food Street has gathered delicious food from eighteen cities, and the traditional snacks boasting inviting colors and flavors will certainly add more charms to these sleepless nights. Fried cakes, Luoyang-style Bufan Soup, Jingzhou Guokui (crusty pancake), Fangcheng Shao-mai, Puyang Baked Stuffed Pancake, Ground Wheat Seeds, traditional Stewed Noodles, Stone Grilled Stuffed Pancake, Egg Filling Cake, various kebabs...will delight your taste buds.

Night tour in the garden, wandering in the night scene

Embellished by the gorgeous lights, the Garden will be more lively and present enchanting night scenes. It is worth mentioning that the floor lights, spotlights, landscape lights, lawn lights, lake-surrounding LED flashing lights, and garden lights have all been adjusted well. On this basis, new bright laser lights have been added this year, which, together with others, will bring a fantastic performance that integrates sound, light, electricity, and machine. As a whole, the major tones are fresh green and light yellow, rendering a warm, peaceful, and elegant atmosphere, under which the nights will be more beautiful.

Sound, light, and electricity, music fountain invigorate the Garden’s nights
The fountain is another dynamic element in those nights. The full-view water show, combined with music, light, and water columns, have staged wonderful and changeable dances, which will be a magnificent audio-visual feast. Accompanied by the famous songs of Song of Shepherd, Manual of Youth, the Swan and the Goose, and Jasmine Flower, the water installation can change into 26 shapes. With the cleverly-arranged 3D fountain, the collision of brilliant colors and sounds will present an impressive water dance show. Warm tip: The music fountain will open at 20:40 every Saturday and Sunday, and further notice will be issued for any cause of close.

Beautiful and colorful summer flowers

During the period, the perennial flowers are in full blossom, creating a vast sea of flowers with matchless beauty. Spider flower, purple coneflower, angel flower, French marigold flower, lotus, water lily, Albizia flower, Rudbeckia hirta and others have come out beautifully. In the flower sea, covering hundreds of mu, all the plants show their desirable looks for your presence, and flower lovers shall never miss this chance.

Amazing sea of spider flowers. There are around 100,000 perennial flowers, newly planted this year. Featuring large scale and quantity, the flowers are in rose red, pink red, pale purple, pure white, and mixed colors, enjoying high ornamental value. The spider flowers are mainly planted in the garden at the east of the North Square, the garden at the east of the Exhibition Hall V, and the entrance of Luoyang Garden.

Folk customs behind the Belt and Road themed films

Every nation has its unique footprints in development, and films are the best choice to know about it. On the Saturdays and Sundays, the Belt and Road themed films will be put on screen outdoor. Eight chapters will be covered, starting with Asia and the Lights of Civilization and Amazing China. Each will be performed every week for reproducing the folk customs of seven regions like East Asia, the ASEAN, West Asia, etc. Visitors will not only experience the cultural charms of different countries but also strengthen the cultural confidence and persist the beauty of Chinese civilization.

Play with water, cool in summer

Without playing with water, the summer may be less enjoyable. As the temperature is keeping rising, visitors, especially children, like playing with water to relieve the summer heat. To meet the demand, the Garden has opened the site for water playing. It will offer you a refreshing and cool enjoyment away from the summer heat. Address: Water playing ponds at the east and west sides of the Sunken Plaza in the Garden.

Experience charming folk custom in the Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition Hall

Get close to the traditional handicrafts and appreciate the charm of intangible cultural heritage. During the period, the Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition Hall will also open to the public.  It has handpicked the artworks from nearly a hundred of outstanding folk artists from 18 cities around the province, featuring rich types and exquisite workmanship. The folk sculpture art, non-traditional painting, weaving art, paper-cutting art, and ceramic art will bring you the charm of folk cultures during the night tour in the Garden. Opening hours: 9:30-21:30 on every Saturday and Sunday from June 29 to August 18.

Longing for a passionate summer with songs and dances or wandering in the fantastic world of fairy tales? Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden will be your perfect choice.

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