60,000 Visits! Cherry Valley Scenic Area Spared No Effort to Entertain Tourists

This year marks the 70’th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. During this National Day holiday, the Jianye Central Plains Culture Town in Cherry Valley Scenic Area had become a popular destination, with tourists in an endless stream. The administration area of Yingtaogou Management Committee hosted 159.7 thousand visitors during the holiday, realizing a tourist income of RMB 7.985 million. From October 1 to 3, it saw about 96.9 thousand visits, up 37.25% year-on-year. However, influenced by the cloudy and rainy weather, the visits of the major scenic spots declined over the later four days.

For a sound preparation of reception and a pleasant environment for tourists, the Cherry Valley Scenic Area took “safety, order, quality, high efficiency, and civility” as the goal and held several rounds of meetings for assigning and coordinating tasks, governing and regulating tourism market, and making plans of traffic dispersion, safety emergency management, etc. before the holiday. During the seven days, over 300 staff from government departments and communities formed volunteer teams in 20 service spots of the ecological garden. Together with 500 social volunteers, they were involved in activity series themed on “welcoming tourists with smiles”, aiming to ensure a good, orderly, safe, and traffic-smooth environment.

Security personnel wait in the wings

Meanwhile, the Management Committee had arranged and assigned over 100 personnel from the police, fire, regimental police, tourism, and market management departments on key scenic spots and roads to carry out voluntary service in directing traffic and keeping the public order. To avoid traffic jams and solving parking problems, the Management Committee printed over ten thousand copies of traffic guidance and distributed them to tourists ahead of time. The guidance has clear marks of recommended routes and locations and numbers of parking lots inside or outside of related scenic spots so that tourists would make a reasonable choice.

Full-coverage video monitoring

I. Safe and orderly tourism market

During the holiday, the Management Committee leaders on duty adhered to the first-line supervision work. They conducted a comprehensive inspection on tourism order, food and health, entertainment facility security in tourist-intensive areas, and tried to know about tourist experience. In addition, all functional departments were in close cooperation with one another, and the staff had stuck to their posts. Some of them dispersed traffic all the days; the food, medical, and safety supervision bodies carried out continuous inspections on scenic spots’ catering and amusement places. Staff in tourist centers provided warm and considerate service, including reception, inquiry, and medical care. They had managed to handle various complaints well and thus kept the sound and orderly operation of the scenic spots.

Staff inspecting dining sites and stores

II. Civilized traveling of the public

On all the major intersections and scenic spots, volunteers distributed such publicity materials as the handbook and guidance of civilized tourism, traffic guidance of scenic spots, and others to tourists. Besides, their patient guidance and reception also provided tourists with heart-warming experience. It is worth mentioning that throwing litter here and there, making a racket, damaging cultural relics, and other behaviors alike were rare to be seen during the holiday.

Leaders on duty supervised volunteer service site

III. Safe and comfortable traveling experience

The Management Committee had hired a specialized security company, which assigned nearly 50 staff to conduct continuous patrol on all the travel routes. Besides, staff on duty had promptly stopped roadside stall business and chaotic parking. All toilets in scenic spots were opened to the public for free, where specialized cleaners were assigned to ensure comfortable tourist experience.

Volunteers directing the traffic

IV. Well-guaranteed tourist safety

During the holiday, the Management Committee also cooperated with the Mazhai Public Security Sub-bureau in conducting all-staff and full-coverage patrol, aiming to ensure a sound order in core scenic spots. Meanwhile, signboards and tourist information desks were set at major intersections of tourism routes, for smooth and trouble-free entry, exit, and travel. To deal with food safety, the food and medicine departments had clarified responsibilities and intensified supervision and inspection on all the processes, including food processing, cooking, and table-ware disinfection. Furthermore, they even checked the service and food on related sites to ensure food safety and hygiene.


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