Garden Expo Park | This Guide Brings you a Happy Tour!

The Fourth Spring Culture Festival of Zhengzhou Garden Expo Park is going on. With so many attractions to see, so many activities that cannot be missed, how should we manage our time? Here, after an on-the-spot investigation, I will present you the best guide of the park.

1. The South Gate

If you go to Garden Expo Park, you cannot miss the South Gate. The design is inspired by the three stone statues in the Han Dynasty. The South Gate is grave and solemn against the blue sky. Crossing the South Gate and passing the South Square, you will see wide water, black swan, tall pavilion and elegant bridge. All of these scenes will make your photo classy. In the Main Stage of the South Gate, there will be dancing performances from 9:50 to 10:40 and from 13:20 to 14:20. The dance will bring you back to thousands of years ago, to the Tang Dynasty. If you participate in the games, you may get a gift!

2. The Yangzhou Garden

The city Yangzhou is famous for its beautiful gardens. With the marvelous rocks and rockeries, the delicate buildings, the bridges and streams, you can enjoy the Yangzhou landscapes here in Garden Expo Park. Besides the beautiful gardens, Yangzhou is also famous for its beautiful girls. Three girls will dance with oiled-paper umbrellas. Their graceful dancing and emotional singing create a dreamy atmosphere. Go to Yangzhou Park and enjoy the dance at 10:40 and 15: 30!

3. The Inner Mongolia Garden

The vast grassland, the huge horse-head violins and the Mongolia statues will immediately bring you to the prairies. Be sure to watch the folk dancing and appreciate their unique customs at 10: 50 and 15:00!

4. Jinmen Garden

This garden mainly presents the ancient schools. With traditional Chinese music, this garden will give you a refreshing feeling. Go to the Jinmen Garden and enjoy traditional Chinese music at 10:00, 11:20, 14:50 and 16:00!

5. Pet Paradise

Garden Expo Park has upgraded its pet paradise. Go there and interact with the cute doves, ostriches, peacocks, ferrets, dogs and so on. The spring special program, pet games, will start at 11:30 and 14:30.

1. Henan Garden

Henan Garden embodies the essence of Henan traditional gardens. It has high and low buildings of royal style, which are perfectly compatible with the streams, stones and lush grass in the garden. The garden is typical of grave and solemn Northern gardens. As a Henan resident, you cannot miss this Henan Garden. If you are tired, you can go to the City Book Store to have a cup of tea and read a book.

2. Suzhou Garden

"Suzhou and Hangzhou are the paradise in the secular world." Suzhou is famous for its gardens. The Suzhou Garden covers 1,500 square meters, and it gives people a feeling of "a world in a pot". Here, you can appreciate the elegant and poetic style of Suzhou Garden and taste you life with your heart.

3. Urumqi Garden

Unlike the solemn and grave Northern buildings, unlike the elegant and delicate Southern buildings, the Urumqi Garden in the east of the South Gate adopts the style of minorities. The golden wall of rubbed bricks, the arch of rawab shape, the salix mogolica, the withered leaved polar, all of these brings you to the Western regions and exhibits the hospitality and tenacity of minorities.

Whether taking photo of the scenes or the people, you will enjoy yourself in these three gardens!

Delicious dishes in Garden Expo Park

There are over 20 kinds of dishes which offer you satisfying experience. You can taste the special fried dishes in the Luzhou Pub outside the East Gate, the Henan Stewed Noodles in the Xingang Hua Street outside the North Gate, the western dishes in the Kangaroo Restaurant, the barbecue, dumpling, noodles and milk tea in the Cultural Garden near the South Gate.

Photo Tips

You will look great in pictures whether in casual clothes or ancient costume. It will be perfect if you have props like sunglasses, oiled-paper umbrellas and fans.


1. During the Spring Festival, it is advisable that you reserve tickets through small programs in WeChat and Alipay (please search "Garden Expo Park");

2. Please leave home earlier in case of traffic jam;

3. Remember to charge you phone and camera to take pictures;

4. Be sure to get the map and the time of programs then have fun.

The weather is pleasing during the spring festival, it would be a regret if you don't go out and have fun! With this guide, you will be the most reliable and prepared person in Garden Expo Park.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration