City Tour—Leisure Trip to Yellow River


Yellow River Scenic Area

Number of Days:
One day

Travel Schedule:
Tour Route: Wulong Peak, Yueshan Temple, Stone Figures of Emperors Yan and Huang, Ancient City of Liu Bang and Xiang Yu, Luotuo Ridge, Xinghai Lake

Special Instructions/Notice to Tourists/Announcements:
The Yellow River Scenic Area is located 20 km to the northwest of Zhengzhou and on the boundary of the middle and lower Yellow River. It is the starting point of North China Plain and the end point of Loess Plateau. Here you can appreciate the “elevated, dangerous, mighty, vast, wide and turbid” Yellow River. Against the Yellow River in the north, neighboring the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway in the east and facing the famous battlefield of the War between Chu and Han, Yellow River Scenic Area has the resources of Mangshan Mountain, which is the “No.1 Mountain of Central Plains”, as its background. Being 7 kilometers long from east to west, 6 kilometers wide from south to north and covering an area of more than 20 km2, Yellow River Scenic Area has built five major spots including the Square of Emperors Yan and Huang, Wulong Peak, Luotuo Ridge, Yueshan Temple, and Xinghai Lake that have been already opened to the public. This area is also dotted with other scenic spots such as “Stone Figures of Emperors Yan and Huang”, “Statues of Feeding”, “Yu the Great”, Forest of Steles, The First Bridge of Yellow River, Futian Pavilion, Jimu Pavilion and so on. Yellow River Scenic Area has been hailed as a shining pearl on the Yellow River.

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