Small Green Landscapes in Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden in Winter

A big world consists of small landscapes.
Here, you will see the straw-piled horse carrying colorful dreams,
the tranquil farmyard pulling your memories to your hometown,
and the small train getting your thoughts out into the distance.

“Green elves”

In winter, everything turns grey,
and people may feel down.
However, green things have a magic to change that,
let alone these small cute “green models”.

Continuous beautiful things
When the mood brightens,
you will naturally see continuous beautiful things,
such as golden gingko leaves, beautiful swans and flowers...
So grab your phone and take photos!

Create a more beautiful environment
Gardeners here
go out of their way to
create small landscapes
in such a freezing cold weather,
making the Garden more vibrant.

Have you been
moved by so many beautiful small landscapes?
There will be several sunny days this week,
so come and play!

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration