Xinzheng Junyuan Organic Farm Rated as the National AA Scenic Area

According to requirements of Standard of Rating for Quality of Tourist Attractions (GB/T17775-2003) and Administrative Measures of Rating for Quality of Tourist Attractions, Xinzheng Junyuan Organic Farm has recently been rated as the National AA Scenic Area by Xinzheng Municipal Tourism and Cultural Relics Bureau after on-site inspection and material review.
       Located in Guangou Village, Xuedian Town, Junyuan Organic Farm was firstly built in 2010, with the total investment of RMB 120 million, covering an area of more than 950 mu. Junyuan Organic Farm is provided with ICSA panoramic interactive private farms which are the first ones in China, modern temperature-control intelligent greenhouses, UFO organic restaurant, cave experience center, dragon-shaped water system, comprehensive outdoor training base, primitive parent-child fishing area and parent-child picking-up area. In Junyuan Organic Farm, there are more than 400 organic crops. In addition, Junyuan Organic Farm, integrating agriculture and urban sightseeing, has created the mode of private farm, making visitors contact organic crops, feel organic life and experience organic planting. It is an agricultural tourist attraction integrating leisure, sightseeing, green catering of special poultry and organic planting base, wining great popularity of visitors.

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