10,000 down coats and 15,000 heating pads! Businesses in Zhengzhou treat the "angels in white" on the front line against pandemic sincerely

Recently, the people in white busy conducting nucleic acid test have been seen frequently on the streets. To respond quickly to the outbreak, thousands of medical staff in Henan Province came to Zhengzhou for emergency support. Many of them went to Zhengzhou immediately after getting the night shift off, even without bringing thicker clothes along. They arrived in Zhengzhou and did the test for citizens in the cold winter only with thin protective clothing on. Upon hearing that, Zhengzhou Yinji Shopping Mall immediately organized businesses for donating 10,000 down coats, 15,000 heating pads, and other cold-resistant supplies, so as to protect the angles in white that protect the city from cold.

It is known that some employees in Zhengzhou Yinji Shopping Mall heard that many members of the medical team composed of various medical institutions from Puyang checking in at hotels nearby came to Zhengzhou for emergency support and did not bring enough thick clothes on January 7. They did nucleic acid testing for citizens in the cold weather. The businesses in the shopping mall made quick response and dispatched 100 down coats within an hour to the medical team.

It is learned that many businesses in Yinji Shopping Mall were severely hit by the rainstorm on July 20 last year and suffered different degrees of loss. It, however, did not prevent them from lending a helping hand this time. On the morning of January 8, as advocated by Yinji Shopping Mall, 10,000 down coats, 15,000 heating pads, cotton socks and thermals were donated to the medical team between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.. From the evening of January 7 to the morning of January 9, Yinji Shopping Mall together with the businesses within made several donations, not only to the medical team, but also to the West Street Community Service Center and the Nanguan Street Office Service Center. Zhang Jingmin was moved by these businesses not fully recovered: "They told me that we can pull it through as long as we work together despite all the difficulties!"

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