Five Newly Released Quality Research Travel Routes — Zhengzhou Launches the “Travel in Henan • Understand China” Large-scale Ideological and Political Class & Research Travel for Consumption Promotion Activity

On the morning of June 30, 2022, Zhengzhou launched the “Travel in Henan · Understand China” large-scale ideological and political class & research travel for consumption promotion activity at Zhengzhou Memorial Hall for February 7 Strike. At the launching ceremony, the special train for the research travel activity in Zhengzhou was announced to be put in use as masses of guests stood on both sides of the model train and pushed forward the gear lever.

This activity was sponsored by Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government, organized by the Publicity Department of the CPC Zhengzhou Municipal Committee, Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television & Tourism, and Zhengzhou Municipal Education Bureau, and co-organized by Zhengzhou TV Station. Through promoting teenager-centered research travel in Zhengzhou, it aims to educate and guide students to learn about our homeland in person, explore Chinese spirits through their eyes, give ear to the people’s appeals, and echo the pulse of the era by hearts. The activity will create a promotional atmosphere for the brand “Travel in Henan · Understand China”, pool together all the Party members and officials in Zhengzhou, and facilitate the steady recovery of the social economy.

Li Fang, secretary of the Leading Party Members Group of Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television & Tourism and director of the Bureau, pointed out in her speech that research travel as a new kind of cultural tourism has become more and more popular with parents and students in recent years. The design and promotion of the research travel routes will further promote integration of connotation of cultural tourism and cultural creative industries, flourishing the supply of cultural tourism products in Zhengzhou, stimulating relevant consumption potential, and better serving people’s growing demands for a bright life. With in-depth implementation of the strategy of integrated cultural tourism and cultural creative industries, Zhengzhou’s profound historical and cultural advantages are bound to be transformed into advantages facilitating development. Those cultural relics collected in museums, cultural and historical heritages displayed on the vast land, and words written in ancient materials will also be revitalized, used, and sparkled. Zhengzhou’s new cultural IP “Mountain, River, Ancestor, and Homeland” will be widely familiarized by people and the goal of “building the main landmark of Yellow River history and culture” will be accelerated to be achieved as well.

Yan Tiecheng, a well-known historical and cultural scholar, told a vivid story about the history of Zhengzhou on the site.

At the launching ceremony, several performances including the play Red February 7 Strike and poetry recitation Long March have attracted visitors’ great attention.

During the activity, led by the head of the Party Committee of Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television & Tourism, all Party members on the site solemnly reviewed the Party Admission Oath.

It is learned that five quality research travel routes were newly released at the activity. They are Yellow River Cultural Research Travel (Yellow River Museum – Yellow River Cultural Park – Former Site of Huayuankou), Red Cultural Research Travel (Zhengzhou Memorial Tower for February 7 Strike – Western Henan Resistance Base Memorial Hall – Bishagang Park – Martyrs Cemetery), “Read China” Research Travel (Dahecun Site – Wangchenggang Site – Shang Dynasty Ruins – Henan Museum), World’s Heritage Research Travel (Qimu Archway – Zhongyue Temple – Observatory – Songyang Academy), and Chrono Cross Research Travel in Zhengzhou (Old State-owned Cotton Factory – Zhima Street – Pingdeng Street – Ruyi Lake).

This activity will last until the end of August and the sponsor will organize university students, Party members, and teenagers to visit cultural scenic areas in Zhengzhou. By means of “visiting, interviewing, filming, speaking, and writing”, it will guide students and Party members to learn about our homeland in person, explore Chinese spirits through their eyes, give ear to the people’s appeals, and echo the pulse of the era by hearts. In combination with the current actual situation, the research travel activity will closely integrate university students’ publicity activities with the large social class, organizing university students to write down their own experiences and insights. In addition, the stories about each scenic spot will be unveiled by experts from the perspective of history and culture.

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