Discount Available for the Premiere of 2015 Shaolin Zen Music Ritual

After 3 months of suspension and improvement, 2015 version of Shaolin Zen Music Ritual has been presented on the stage again on March 12. In order to express appreciation to the support of about 2 million tourists in the past 8 years, we launched a promotion activity on the same day when the show was resumed. All tourists were allowed to enjoy a feast for their eyes and ears for only RMB 39 (original price is RMB 198).

Shaolin Zen Music Ritual is the biggest mountain live-action performance in the world at present. It also is the only live-action performance that deciphers the spiritual essence of Chinese traditional culture in China now.

The show includes five chapters, i.e., music of water, music of wood, music of wind, music of light and music of stone, and describes vividly grand and concordant scenes of meditating in stream or beside mountain, singing songs while treading on the water and reading lection in the gathering of congregation. Nearly 600 people performed Wushu show which was combined with Zen. And monks from Shaolin Monastery read the lection live. The show presented the changes of four seasons in Songshan Mountain as well as the Buddhist music that reflects temperament. During the 70 minutes, the show delivered the tourists a view of the essence of Zen and Wushu Culture which inherited for more than 2,000 years in China.

In order to provide tourists with better experience and give them opportunity to practice Zen and Wushu other than just watch the show, as well as experience and feel the true essence of Chinese Zen and Wushu culture, the hotel themed 2015 Shaolin Zen Mountain Perch was set up. In the hotel, over 20 types of experience programs were available for free for the lodgers, including morning recitation, sitting in meditation, Wushu of Zen and copying scriptures.



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