The China Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden: New Year Dinosaur Exhibition of Central Plains Will Kick off on January 20, 2019

On December 18, the press conference and launching ceremony of the “Ancient Legend, Walking with Dinosaurs—2019 New Year Dinosaur Exhibition of Central Plains” (hereinafter referred to as “2019 New Year Dinosaur Exhibition of Central Plains”) was held at Zhengzhou, Henan. It was announced that the “2019 New Year Dinosaur Exhibition of Central Plains” would kick off at the China Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden on January 20, 2019.

The “2019 New Year Dinosaur Exhibition of Central Plains” aims to better popularize the scientific knowledge of paleontological fossils to the public, to satisfy the public’s desire to explore and get close to the prehistoric life, especially dinosaurs, and to enrich their spiritual and cultural life during the Spring Festival. The innovation model of “popular science + experience” is used to spread the scientific and cultural knowledge about the prehistoric life and to spread the scientific spirit, so as to develop public awareness of cherishing fossil resources and protecting paleontological fossils and geological environment, and to enable them to take actions.

The curator team has spent several months meticulously creating five special exhibition areas in the 3,000-square-meter exhibition hall. The exhibition areas include Trees of Life-Future Appointments, Brilliant Achievements-Scientific and Artistic Inheritance, Experience and Interaction with Dinosaurs, Dialogue with Ancient Dinosaurs, as well as Touching the Future-Dinosaur Labs. On the occasion, with the fantastic “trees of life”, the giant eye-catching dinosaur paper cuttings, the creative dinosaur labs and numerous “prehistoric monsters”, the exhibition will give a sensory feast integrating with popular science and arts during the lunar new year period.

Before the dinosaur exhibition, the large-scale lantern exhibition in the park will be officially opened to tourists on the New Year’s Day holiday (December 30), with ticket sold until 21: 00 and the park closed at 22: 00. Nearly one hundred lighting sets on the themes of golden pig, gold and jade, Chinese samite, ancient Chinese style, dancing elephant and Peppa Pig family will be lit up at the same time. Coming together, the lights are so bright and magnificent that they will enable tourists to enjoy a unique lantern festival and to experience a different festive atmosphere in this winter.

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