The Ancient Ginkgo amid the Epidemic and First Snow at Shaolin Temple

All night, chilly winds

run across the land of China.

The temperature plummets from over 10 degrees

to a few degrees below zero;

From the evening of November 6, 2021

to the morning of November 7,

WeChat moments are full of snow sceneries;

From Hebei to Henan,

from Beijing to Zhengzhou,

snow angels leave pieces of

silvery beautiful landscapes.

Within ancient Shaolin Temple,

snowflakes fly in the Changzhu Yard;

Sceneries with Zen

reflect the holiness and purity of Bodhisattvas.

At half past eight on November 7,

the temple is not noisy as usual;

A few monks enjoy the view of snow and

record this wonderful moment with cameras.

Three days ago, Shaolin Temple issued another epidemic prevention and control notice.

According to COVID-19 control measures, scenic spots including Shaolin Temple

are closed again.

The last opening was on September 27,

only 40 days from the closing of this time.

People have different attitudes toward the pandemic,

being anxious, clam,

worried, or composed.

No matter what happens,

the 1,000-year-old ginkgo in front of the Hall of Four Heavenly Kings at Shaolin Temple

still stand upright,

exposing to wind and rain.

Being nearly 30 meters high, with a crown of nearly 40 meters in width,

the tree is like a general that

stands between heaven and earth to protect the temple

and the peace.

Winter begins with cold waves and first snow;

The first snow coincides with the start of winter.

Winter is the final season of a year,

and a season of preservation.

All things are in a state of rest after the beginning of winter.

This ancient ginkgo, together with

younger ginkgos aged more than 500,

blossom with their yellow leaves,

eulogizing the passage of time,

sharing the joy of harvest,

and conveying the archaic style of the temple.

The snow drifts quietly;

The tree stands silently.

This ancient tree looks unreal and amazing

in the blowing snow.

Yellow leaves and white snow

together depict an outstanding picture of season changing.

This tree coexists with Shaolin temple,

carrying rich culture,

maintaining cultural features, and witnessing

the inheritance, innovation, and development of the ancient temple aged more than 1,500.

As a poem goes,

The ancient ginkgo amidst snow at Shaolin Temple spreads its leaves,

like a person remaining true to the original aspiration and feeling at ease.

May the first snow

bring you peace, joy, and good luck.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration