The Official Opening of the First Direct Flight from Henan to Sydney

For Tianjin Airlines and Henan Province Airport Group, which rank among the best in China's domestic aviation industry, good things came in pairs on January 29, 2018. In the morning, the two sides mentioned above signed the comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement and the 2018 routes cooperation agreement. Tianjin Airlines launched the international air routes layout in Central China, which choses Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport, the 13th in the 230 domestic airports. In the afternoon, the successful takeoff of an Airbus A330 in Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport indicated the official opening of Zhengzhou-Sydney flight operated by Tianjin Airlines. It is not only the first direct flight from Henan to Sydney, but also the first international airline of Tianjin Airlines in Zhengzhou.


On January 29, Tianjin Airlines and Henan Province Airport Group signed the Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Agreement and the 2018 Routes Cooperation Agreement. Tianjin Airlines Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Tianjin Airlines”) is a member firm of HNA Group (Global 500), ranking among the top 10 in the sector with a fleet of 99 airplanes. It has started operation and gradually increased routes in Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport since October 2008. In 2017, Tianjin Airlines completed a total passenger capacity of 690,000 person times and now operates 8 routes, 10 destinations and 105 flights for a week. In the same year, Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport completed a passenger throughput of 24.3 million person times with year-on-year growth of 17%, improving from the 15th to 13th in China. On the other hand, the Airport had a cargo throughput of 502,000 tons with an increase of 10%, of which the cargo from international districts accounts for 330,000 tons, with a YOY increase of 22%. Moreover, the Airport ranked the 7th in the domestic industry and among top 50 in the world. Both of passenger and freight transportation won the champion among Central China’s airports for the first time.


Based on the advantages of comprehensive support capability, operations management and central location of Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport, Tianjin Airlines decided to enhance the promotion in the Airport. For example, it signed the Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Agreement and Routes Cooperation Agreement with Henan Province Airport Group. The agreements mainly demonstrate that firstly, Tianjin Airlines will build Zhengzhou as an important aviation hub, increasing the transport capacity. Secondly, it will actively develop international routes, assist the completion of the Airport’s international routes network, make Zhengzhou a major exit point in China and gradually open the air-passenger services with Zhengzhou as the center to Australia, North America and Europe. Thirdly, it will promote the establishment of branch projects in Zhengzhou, and strive to complete the listing of the branch company by the end of 2018. Fourthly, it will found a local joint airline company in Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport at the right time. In 2018, Tianjin Airlines plans to newly operate flights to Madrid and Los Angeles from Zhengzhou. In the future, it will also launch international routes to Germany, France, Italy and other important international cities from Zhengzhou.


At the opening ceremony on January 29, Tianjin Airlines introduced that the single flight time of Zhengzhou-Sydney flight is 11 hours, with the outbound flight number of GS7939 (it operates a flight every Monday and Friday, taking off from Tianjin at 11:55, arriving at Zhengzhou at 13:25, and taking off from Zhengzhou at 16:50, arriving at Sydney Airport the next day) and the return flight number of GS7940 (it operates a flight every Tuesday and Saturday, taking off from Sydney at 08:30, arriving at Zhengzhou at 16:25, and taking off from Zhengzhou at 19:25, arriving at Tianjin at 21:25. The above times are local time). This flight adopts Airbus A330, which can carry about 260 passengers and includes 18 seats for business class with 180 degree lying down and massage function. In terms of ticket prices, the return ticket starts at RMB 3800 at the beginning period; however, according to the market forecasting, the return ticket will start at RMB 600 (taxes excluded in the above prices) after March 12. Passengers can check the prices or purchase the ticket through official website of Tianjin Airlines, official WeChat and customer service hotline 95350. After the opening of this flight, passengers can get rid of transfers, shorten the travel time, and enjoy more colorful and convenient journeys. Furthermore, to facilitate the traveling in Australia, Tianjin Airlines signed an Agreement of Combined Transport with Virgin Australia, so that passengers can buy tickets to other cities directly. Then they can fly to Sydney by Tianjin Airlines flights, and transfer to Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, Mildura and Gold Coast by Virgin flights.


The staff of Tianjin Airlines introduce that, in order to give passengers a pleasant 11-hour flight, passengers can use mobile phones with airplane mode, PC or PAD within given sizes, E-Books and other small PED equipment on actual carrying flights of Tianjin Airlines in accordance with CAAC’s requirement.


Located on the southeast coast of Australia, Sydney is not only Australia's largest and most populous city but also its economic center, tourist center as well as its foreign trade and tourism gateway. It is known as "the most beautiful city in the world", owning a number of tourist attractions such as Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Australian Museum, and is widely welcomed by Chinese tourists as a popular destination.

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