Good news! Yingtaogou Community Is Incorporated into the 10th Batch of National “One Village, One Product” Demonstration Villages/Towns

Recently, the official website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs announced the 10th Batch of National “One Village, One Product” Demonstration Villages/Towns. A total of 423 villages and towns in the country were selected, including 24 villages and towns in Henan Province. Yingtaogou Community of Erqi District is among them.

What is the unique charm of this village? Let’s find out...

Yingtaogou Community is located in a hilly area of southwest Zhengzhou. It is the southernmost village of the administrative region of Erqi District Yingtaogou Scenic Area Development and Management Committee. It borders Meishan Village of Xinzheng City on the east, Zhanggou Village of Xinzheng City on the south, Henan Jianye Central Plains Culture Town on the west, and Daluxi Community on the south. Its geographical coordinates are 113°31’40”E and 34°36’41”N. Yingtaogou Community has jurisdiction over 5 natural villages (Zhuganyuan, Yingtaogou, Liujiagou, Huanggou and Caomiao) and 7 resident groups, with a total land area of more than 4,500 mu, a total area of cultivated land of more than 2,100 mu, and a population of over 2,021. The village boasts “picturesque scenery and beautiful landscape”. The beauty of the village can only be described with poems.

By virtue of its excellent natural and human resources and considerable popularity and reputation, Yingtaogou Community has won the honorary titles of “China Rural Tourism Model Village”, “China Rural Tourism Maker Space”, “National Level AAAA Tourism Scenic Area”, “Henan Characteristic Landscape Tourism Village”, “Henan Science and Technology Demonstration Village”, “Henan Ecological Civilization Village” and Henan Provincial Directed Sports and Activities Base, Zhengkai International Marathon Training Base, Zhengzhou Science Popularization Practice Base, Zhengzhou Healthy Aerobic Walking Base and so on. It was identified as “Key Demonstration Village of New Rural Construction” in 2007 and passed the acceptance; in 2013, it was identified by Henan Provincial Tourism Bureau as one of the five pilot projects of rural tourism information standardization in the province, and one of the first batch of pilot units of tourism standardization in the city. In 2015, Yingtaogou Community was included into the first batch of “Beautiful Countryside” demonstration villages by Zhengzhou City, and its construction plan for “Beautiful Countryside” was selected into the first batch of excellent cases about construction of “Beautiful Countryside”. Not long ago, Yingtaogou Community was incorporated into the second batch of national rural tourism key villages published on the website of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Yingtaogou Community night tours & light shows—— “Encounter Henan: Yingtaogou” Wonderland Magic Tour is the first brand new immersive night tour & light show nationwide. The Yingtaogou Management Committee started the “rural cultural tourism night economic agglomeration area” project, using the workshops of Shijiang Village to build Henan Province’s first MCN snap-taking site of Internet celebrities. A gluttonous musical feast together with light shows shape the most exciting atmosphere, further improving the beauty of the surrounding environment.

In recent years, Yingtaogou Community has always adhered to the construction of “Beautiful Countryside”, giving play to its own advantages as a scenic area, developing the cherry planting industry primarily, promoting rural tourism, and driving the development of cultural, creative and art industries. Closely around the general principle of “industrial prosperity, ecological livability, rural civilization, effective governance and rich life”, the party members and masses of the community unite as one and forge ahead by giving play to their own advantages to explore a road of future development.


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