During the May Day holiday, a sea of moonflowers will bloom in Green Expo Park

The flowers in the Green Expo Park bloom one after another, and there is no gap period. April sees the noble and attractive tulips, while May embraces fragrant and charming Chinese roses that will greet every tourist in a graceful posture. The amazing sea of Chinese roses will set off a good start for your May Day holiday.

▲ Photographed in previous years

In the Green Expo Park, the Chinese roses in bud are waiting to burst into bloom in the most beautiful way to welcome tourists during the May Day holiday. Walking through roses, you may hear the sound of nature, smell the fragrance, and enjoy a visual feast.

▲ Chinese rose buds

Chinese roses bloom all year round, but it is the best time to enjoy a sea of Chinese roses before, during, and after the May Day holiday.

During the upcoming holiday, the Green Expo Park will present all tourists with a sea of Chinese roses and other beautiful flowers.


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