Zhengzhou Cultural Center Continues “ICH Projects into Campus” Activity

With a view of thoroughly implementing the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and the campaign on the theme of remaining true to our aspiration and keeping our mission firmly in mind, and cultivating and practicing socialist core values, Zhengzhou Cultural Center and Zhengzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center organized the activity of “Inheritors of Intangible Cultural Heritage Projects into Zhengzhou No.26 Middle School” on November 12, 2019.

Shaolin Kungfu

Chang’s Fist

Henan Zhuizi (a kind of local art folk opera, accompanied by Zhuihu)

Inheritors’ wonderful performances raised one climax after another, thus creating a lively atmosphere. Teachers and students present expressed their compliments for this year’s performance of intangible cultural heritage projects, which offered students a lively traditional cultural education lesson. School leaders said that this performance enabled students to feel the charm of traditional Chinese culture, greatly enhanced their interest in learning traditional culture and helped to make their thinking active and improve their academic performance while learning traditional culture.
Founded in 1965, Zhengzhou No.26 Middle School is a city-level standardized middle school with a long history, new concepts, strong teachers, complete hardware, excellent performance and distinctive features. It is also a developing school with high school teachers and has been repeatedly awarded the Outstanding Education and Teaching Unit in Zhengzhou for its excellent teaching quality. After the new leading group took office in June 2005, they followed the education idea of three aspects (the school founder’s quality and educational ideas, the ability to create and accumulate wealth, and the thought and ability of managing schools) and clearly proposed a new development strategy and a three-year plan with the “sustainable development” as the core. With the goal of shaping developing teachers, implementing developing courses, cultivating developing students and building a developing school, the school leaders make endeavor to carry out new curriculum reform and explore the curriculum system, educational methods and evaluation system at the forefront of the times, in an attempt to cultivate a high-quality and tiered teachers, improve the level of education and teaching of the school, and create a characteristic moral education model of “moral education for all” and “students’ independent management”, thus building Zhengzhou No.26 Middle School into a model of quality education in Zhengzhou.

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