Zhengzhou Metro Line 3 Is Scheduled to Open to Traffic in Late 2020

Yesterday, the Commencement Ceremony of Dongdajie Street Station on Metro Line 3 kicked off on the south-east of intersection of Dongdajie Street, Zijingshan Road. The commencement marks that most stations of Metro Line 3 sited in the downtown area have entered the construction phase. In accordance with the plan, Metro Line 3 is scheduled to open for trial operation in December 2020.

Influenced by the station construction, the former motorway of eastward west section of Dongdajie Street crossing junction of Zijingshan Road turn its three-lane into one-lane, as the other two lanes are enclosed and occupied due to the construction as from today; and the west-to-east vehicles can detour Baotong Road on which the newly constructed south side tow-lane is enclosed.

The full operation of Metro Line 3 is one of the ten key livelihood issues of 2017 committed by the government. From the north, Starting from Xinliu Road Station of Henan Sports Center in Huji District, Metro Line 3 extends to Changxing Road, Nanyang Road, Minggong Road, Jiefang Road, West Street, Dongdajie Street, Zhengbian Road, Shangdu Road and 17th Jingkai Street; to the south, ending at East Hanghai Road, the southward section of Putian Station of Longhai Railway, it passes Huiji District, Guancheng District, Jinshui District, Zhengdong New District and Jingkai District, with its total length of 25.5 kilometers, setting up 21 stations.

Dongdajie Street Station is the 19th of 21 stations that have been in construction on Metro Line 3. In the future, the station will be connected with Metro Line 2, achieving the transference between the two lines. Due to its geographic location in old city, the station is encountering with diversified challenges including the removal and relocation of intricate underground pipelines. However, the traffic cannot be stopped even though facing those problems. For this purpose, constructers bring their “wisdom” into full play within the narrow and limited construction enclosure, realizing the successful commencement of construction eventually.

With the gross investment of RMB 20,608 million, Metro Line 3 is specifically to achieve the full-line tunnel connection in October 2019, the rail connection in January 2020, and open for trial operation in December 2020.

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