Zhengzhou Transportation Group Opened Seven Tour Bus Lines Grandly

As the tourism market never ceases to change, the tourist demands are getting more and more fragmented and unique with bigger differences. With the exponentially growing number of independent travelers year after year, the potential safety hazards increase greatly too. To adapt to the market changes, satisfy customers’ requirements in traveling, especially the travel safety, Zhengzhou Transportation Group Co., Ltd. has well exploited its advantages to the full and committed to the all-region tourism service and improving the management of travel safety. On April 18, it opened seven special tour lines for non-stop buses from the Coach Center Station East (Longhai Station) to Baoquan, Daxiong Mountain, Taihang Grand Canyon, Laojun Mountain, Chongdu Ditch, Wanxian Mountain in Guoliang Village, and Baligou. The non-stop buses bounded for Yuntai Mountain and Baiyun Mountain will be put into service recently. These efforts not only offer more selections the travelers, but also include the customer receiving and picking up processes of traditional travel agencies into the integrated safety management system, making people’s travel safety guaranteed in a better way.

The non-stop travel buses serve as the entry point and stepping-stone for traditional passenger transport enterprises to participate in tourism development. It is not only the most practical extension of the combination of this kind of enterprises and tourism but also an indispensable part of the transport enterprise’s participation in travel business system. Zhengzhou Transportation Group Co., Ltd. has well utilized the self-owned stations, travel agencies, public vehicles, and other resources to open the non-stop buses bound for scenic areas. It also carries out the safety measures through the ticketing system to realize real-name ticket purchasing and entrance security check. Moreover, the fixed self-owned and publicly-operated vehicles will travel along the pre-defined routes with fixed tour groups, so that the safety management and dynamic monitoring will be carried out ideally. These measures will eliminate the potential safety hazard at the starting point and ensure the safe, convenient, and comfortable traveling experience.

Besides, as a significant symbol for the urban tourism industry boasting complete development elements, non-stop buses are also playing an important role in completing the public service system. The opening of non-stop buses is not only of referential significance to the tourism market of Zhengzhou in terms of safety management, but it will also become another people-benefit project to ensure the safe and convenient traveling experience for people from this city and other places.

Non-stop traveling bus · bound for happiness

Departure time

Route 1: Zhengzhou to Baoquan

Departure time: 6:45 (every day)

Route 2: Zhengzhou to Daxiong Mountain

Departure time: 6:50 (every day)

Route 3: Zhengzhou to Laojun Mountain

Departure time: 6:00 (from Monday to Saturday)

Route 4: Zhengzhou to Chongdu Ditch

Departure time: 6:00 (from Monday to Saturday)

Route 5: Zhengzhou to Wanxian Mountain

Departure time: 6:10 (every day)

Route 6: Zhengzhou to Baligou

Departure time: 6:10 (every day)

Route 7: Zhengzhou to Taihang Grand Canyon

Departure time: 6:20 (every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday)

Return time: Buses for one-day travel return at about 15:00; buses for two-day travel return at about 14:00 (The guide will determine the specific return time)

Ways to purchase tickets of the non-stop buses:

1.   Offline channel:

The ticketing systems of all the bus stations of Zhengzhou Transportation Group Co., Ltd.

2.   Online channel:

WeChat official account: Henan Bus Ticket and Online Ticket Booking of Henan

WeChat mini app: Traveling in Yuzhou


Alipay Life Account: Henan Bus Ticket

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