Activities 丨 Colorful! Zhengzhou Art Museum's "Beginning of Aesthetic Education"—Art Courses for Children on Summer Vacation Attracts Public Participation

This summer, Zhengzhou Art Museum launched a variety of activities, attracting many citizens to bring their children to enjoy the charm of art. Recently, the "Beginning of Aesthetic Education"—Art Courses for Children on Summer Vacation hosted by the Zhengzhou Art Museum was held in the seventh exhibition hall of the new museum.

Art Education Starts with the Children

The event held two interactive activities, "Visiting the Art Museum with Children" and "What Can You Gain in the Art Museum", aiming at the psychological characteristics and aesthetic education needs of children aged 3–6 and 7–14. Art education experts discussed with parents one by one the issues of children's aesthetic education, such as "how to appreciate artworks", "how to bring children to visit art museums", and "the role and significance of art education in children's growth" that have long troubled parents.

Colorful Summer Activities

According to the person in charge of the museum, a variety of colorful activities and new forms of art creation will accompany the children through wonderful summer vacation. For more information and the specific time of the activities, please follow the news released by "Zhengzhou Art Museum ZAM" every Wednesday. (WeChat Official Account: gh_961b513ebc4a)

Please note that this activity is only available for reservation on the Zhengzhou Cultural Tourism Cloud platform. Telephone: 67759597 (Monday to Friday 9:00–16:30). This course is a program at the Zhengzhou Art Museum for the public good. There is a fixed number of quotas.

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