“Tianzhong Forum” Becomes a Hit at Zhengzhou Library


Wang Zhang, an adjunct professor of Zhengzhou University and a visiting researcher of Henan Academy of Social Sciences, was invited to the Tianzhong Forum of Zhengzhou Library. With the theme of “Reading Gives You Wings”, Wang shared his personal opinions about reading with the readers based on his own work experience. This event is a prelude of the “National Reading Month” of Zhengzhou Library in December.

The lecture was live broadcast online, attracting nearly 130,000 online and offline audience.

Wang Zhang shared the great significance of reading and learning, giving detailed explanations from five aspects: let learning give you wings; master learning methods and enhance learning effects; learn self-management and improve learning efficiency; replace “curious” with “weary”; continuously improving learning competence. He said that in the process of learning, we should be a good observer to expand our vision, be a good thinker to have a deep insight, and be a good summarizer to give full play to our potential of learning.

In the lecture, readers interacted with Wang Zhang through online and offline questions, and Wang gave wonderful answers based on his personal work experience and reading experience.

December is the national reading month. Zhengzhou Library will, through plural, integrative, innovative and interactive reading activities, diversify the reading choices of public readers, guide citizens to pay attention to reading, love reading and take reading as a lifestyle, and stimulate the enthusiasm of the whole people about reading.

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